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Eastern Fly Fishing Sales Up Big

Posted by Scott On September - 8 - 2016ADD COMMENTS

check_mark_125x125Eastern Fly Fishing magazine is on a roll.

The magazine is sold in both Canada and the USA.

In 2015 CoversSell.Com  took on the title and moved  it to Coast to Coast (from Kable).

Five of six issues in 2015  in the USA posted sales gains:


  • Mar/Apr 2015 up 7%
  • May/Jun 2015 up 56%
  • Jul/Aug 2015 up 37%
  • Sep/Oct 2015 up 64%
  • Nov/Dec 2015 up 25%

Sales in Canada were up 55% overall in 2015!

 And the good news continues in 2016, with sales gains in the USA: 

  • Jan/Feb 2016 up 1,204 copies or 113%
  • Mar/Apr 2016 up 1,307 copies or 82%

 Sales in Canada are up too:

  • Jan/Feb 2016 up 317%
  • Mar/Apr 2016 up 93%.

A tip of the cap to Art Director Jon Luke.  Also to the CTC Team.








SouthWest Fly Fishing on a Roll

Posted by Scott On September - 7 - 2016ADD COMMENTS

check_mark_125x125Southwest Fly Fishing magazine is on a roll.

The magazine is for sale only in the USA, not Canada.


In 2015 CoversSell.Com  took on the title and moved  it to Coast to Coast (from Kable).

Four of six issues in 2015 posted impressive sales gains:

  1. May/Jun 2015 up 315 copies or 34%  (A Record Breaker for this time slot!)
  2. Jul/Aug 2015 up 559 copies or 53%  (A Record Breaker for this time slot!)
  3. Sep/Oct 2015 up 555 copies or 56%  (A Record Breaker for this time slot!)
  4. Nov/Dec 2015 up 606 copies or 70%.  (A Record Breaker for this time slot!)

And the good news continues into 2016:

  1. Jan/Feb 2016 up 1,097 copies sold or 103%  (A Record Breaker for this time slot .  Plus new All-Time Best Seller!)
  2. Mar/Apr 2016 up 1,154 copies sold or 108%.  (A Record Breaker for this time slot.  Plus new All-Time Best Seller!)

A tip of the cap to Art Director Jon Luke for amping up the covers!






Adbusters Greatest Hits

Posted by Scott On September - 2 - 2016ADD COMMENTS

check_mark_125x125Adbusters magazine produces lots of fun, edgy, covers, that are designed to be eye-catching.  Their editorial mandate affords them the liberty of pushing things, which makes for great covers.

I love the way they play with their logo.

And they are not afraid to re-do a theme if it is working.

Here are some of their best-selling covers over the past few years.

Best Sellers from 2011



Best Sellers from 2012:

201201 201202


Best Sellers from 2013:



Best Sellers from 2014:


Best Sellers from 2015:






Swimsuit Issue 2016

Posted by Scott On September - 1 - 2016ADD COMMENTS

check_mark_125x125The 2016 Swimsuit Issue from Sports Illustrated went on sale February 22nd, 2016. It seems that every year the bikinis get smaller and smaller, and yet so do the sales, at least in Canada.

The 2016 issue sold 29,699 copies at a 29.2% sell-thru, compared to 33,059 copies at a 28.7% sell-thru in 2015.  That’s a drop of 3,360 copies or 10% less.  The draw was cut by 13,720 copies or 12%.  Looks like cutting the draw resulted in cutting the sale.

The cover price is $8.99 in Canada. It was $7.99 back in 2013.

  • The 2014 issue sold 50,800 copies, on a draw of 132,861, for a 38.3% sell-thru.
  • The 2013 issue sold 48,012 copies, on a draw of 147,173 copies, for a 32.6% sell-thru.
  • The 2012 issue sold 57,734 copies, on a draw of 156,543 copies, for a 36.9% sell-thru.



2015 (Small)swimsuit2014



For Your Listening Pleasure:


2016 First Half Newsstand Results

Posted by Scott On August - 31 - 2016ADD COMMENTS

news_green-125x125MagNet, the U.S.-based data clearing house, has just released it’s 2016 First Half Newsstand Sales Overview.

Sales in Canada are reported to be down by 9.8%, with dollar volume down 4.7%.

Sales in the USA are reported to be down 10.9%, with dollar volume down 6.5%.

The overall average cover price is now $5.55, up from $5.28 last year,  which is according to MagNet  “due to a change in the mix of titles that consumers are purchasing…fewer lower cover priced celebrity and tabloid titles and more higher priced specials.”

The MagNet report also offered some positive news:  “Many titles are doing quite well on the newsstand. In fact, in the first ½ of 2016, there were 136 titles that released at least four issues this year, and the same number of releases last year, that grew both their unit and dollar sales. Collectively, their sales were up 8.7% in units and 11.5% in dollars.

Magnet reports that “Titles in the Food/Wine, General Interest, Game/Puzzle/Crossword, Entertainment, Recreation, Lifestyle and Science categories, collectively had an increase in unit sales of 3% and an increase in dollar sales of 10%. Titles in the Celebrity and Women’s categories generated 36.4% of newsstand sales in the first half, but dropped 14.3% in units and nearly 12% in dollars compared to same period in 2015.”

An interesting side note is contained in the chart that shows how each of the National Distributors are doing so far in the First Half of 2016.  Our Canadian distributors are doing quite well.  Disticor’s sales are reported to be up 5.4% in units and 6.6% in dollars.  And Coast to Coast is reported to be up 16.2% in units and 25.1% in dollars.  That’s impressive when compared to all the U.S. distributors.

Coast to Coast CEO Glenn Morgan had this to say when asked to comment:  “CTC is very pleased to be experiencing continued growth as a National Distributor in today’s challenging newsstand marketplace.  We are very fortunate to be regularly launching new product from both existing CTC publisher clients, as well as some exciting recent client additions to our roster. Both CTC and its client publishers greatly appreciate the support received from both the wholesalers and retailers in Canada and the USA”.






Magnet also shared a list of just some of the 136 titles that posted gains.  It is interesting to see that Playboy (now with no nudes) posted an increase of 17.8% in units, and 30.8% in dollars.

magnet 3

Adbusters Cool Fascismo

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cover_of_the_week-125x125The August 2016 issue of Adbusters is one to watch.  While the traditional newsweeklies have been selling more copies than usual featuring Donald Trump as their cover boy, Adbusters is having some fun with a Trump cover of their own.

Adbusters can always be counted on for some very interesting, entertaining, and creative covers.

This one uses a classic black & white image of Trump, frowning, and let’s the UPC code make the point/joke.  Clever.  It’s a powerful cover.  And fun.

I expect that this one will resonate quite strongly with their readers and should sell well.  Great job!

2016 Aug



Our Land

Posted by Scott On August - 26 - 2016ADD COMMENTS

The Fall 2016 issue of Prairies North is scheduled to hit newsstands on September 12th, 2016.

A careful analysis of all their covers revealed that cover stories that focus on the theme of loving the landscape yields better then average results, and on multiple occasions has produced the best-selling issue in the respective year.

Art Director Lionel Hughes has captured the  feeling of the fall harvest in this magical cover shot.

2016 Fall (Small)



Bows & Arrows

Posted by Scott On August - 23 - 2016ADD COMMENTS

The Oct/Nov 2016 issue of Canada’s History is scheduled to hit newsstands on September 26th, 2016.

This concept cover is bright, clean and uncluttered., and features a bold type treatment, and a vibrant sky bar.

The art director, James Gillespie, worked hard to get it right.  There was concern that we avoid falling into the trap of doing a cliched image, that might be considered insensitive.

The solution was to focus on the artistry of the items, rather than the shooter on horseback.



2016OctNov (Small)



Sad News to Report

Posted by Scott On August - 22 - 2016ADD COMMENTS

The folks at Creative Scrapbooker magazine are in shock and are hurting.  Their beloved colleague of six years, Christy Riopel, passed away suddenly at the tender age of 45 years old. The cause of her demise is yet to be determined.  She leaves behind a loving husband and two young daughters.

It’s always sad news to lose a colleague in our publishing family, but it is especially difficult when the friend was so young.  Here are some words from her colleagues, posted on Facebook:

“We are not ready to let you go Christy.

You were the heartbeat of our magazine, a creative soul that will never be replaced, a plane that let us soar and a lighthouse that guided us home. 
Much more than the magazine – over the last 10 years – Christy became a part of our family. A friend we laughed with, celebrated with and cried with. A sister we called for advice, a mom who picked us up when we were down, a confidant we shared our secrets with, a girlfriend we hung out with drinking wine and doing facials. Christy was a special place that we could be ourselves. Christy was a place we called home.

We are not ready to let you go Christy. The keyboard is slippery with tears.”






Creative Scrapbooker on a Roll!

Posted by Scott On August - 18 - 2016ADD COMMENTS

The Fall 2016 issue of  Creative Scrapbooker is scheduled to hit newsstands on August 29th, 2016.

The magazine has been on a winning streak now for eight (8) straight issues, with every issue from the Fall of 2014 posting gains.

Starting with the Spring 2016 issue, Creative Scrapbooker, published out of Calgary, is now distributed in the USA too.

  • Sales of the Spring 2016 issue are up 25% from prior year.
  • Sales of the Winter 2015 issue were up 18%.
  • Overall sales in 2015 were up 14%, plus efficiency improved.

CSM Fall 2016 Front Cover_CDN (Small)

2016 Summer Canada (Small) (2)2016 Spring1 (Small)2015 Winter (Small)

2015 Fall (Small)2015 Summer (Small)spring 2015



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