Covers Sell

Covers Sell

Best-Seller Ever in 80 Year History

Posted by Scott On October - 28 - 2011

After completing a comprehensive “data scan” analysis of Canadian Geographic’s historic newsstand sales performance, it was time to put the findings to the test:  The 80th Anniversary issue…December 2009.

Dec 2009

Our Goals Included:

  • Create a classic and timeless cover to celebrate Anniversary
  • Create a Cover that symbolises Canada’s natural wonder
  • Create a Cover with a Top Predator…a successful theme for Canadaian Geographic
  • Invest in Gold Metalic Ink (5th Colour)
  • Offer deluxe Map premium to lift response
  • Use Cover Slash to lift response
  • Use top “real estate” to draw attention to Special Anniversary Issue
  • Promote aggressively at retail
  • Raise Cover Price from $6.95 to $7.95…a 14.4% hike
  • Sell More Copies than any issue ever published

Do Covers Sell?  Let’s check the Results?

  • On a draw of 54,725 copies, we sold 29,164, for a 53.3% efficiency
  • Best Selling Issue ever achieved in 80 year history (or 480 previous covers)
  • Sold 21% more copies that the December 2008 issue, and revenue increased by 38%
  • Beat the average of the other 5 issues that year by 16,812 copies…an 137% increase in units and
  • Gross newsstand revenue increased to $231,480, compared to $85,520 average on the other five issues…an increase of $145,960 or 171%
  • Winner of the ACE Award for best Retail Performance 2010
  • Winner of the Silver Award at Canadian Newsstand Awards 2010

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