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Covers Sell

The Bomber

Posted by Scott On July - 17 - 2013

The twits are twittering about the August 1st, 2013, issue of RollingStone magazine.  Moral outrage abounds.  Tasteless.  Disgusting.  The indignity of it all.

Here’s the offending cover.

Is it really so different than this cover?

Is this cover less offensive?

How tasteless is this cover?

Does this cover glorify a criminal?

Is this gangster a saint?

My guess is that the article is brilliantly researched and written and, I predict, will win some editorial awards very soon.  Given all the buzz and free publicity, I also predict the issue will sell extremely well, particularly in Boston.   It’s RollingStone magazine…they’ve been covering Patty Hearst, The Black Panthers, The Weatherman, and all sorts of wild and crazy guys for decades. 

All I can say is:  Really?

Here’s a tune to remind you…

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