Covers Sell

Covers Sell

Sexiest Man Alive

Posted by Scott On November - 9 - 2018ADD COMMENTS

The 2018 People Weekly “Sexiest Man Alive” cover is getting lots of free earned media.

And why not…it’s a smoking hot cover.




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The Nov/Dec 2018  issue of Canadian Geographic is on newsstands now.

Art Director Javier Frutos has created a fabulous “Top Predator” cover.

I’ve looked at every cover going back to 1996, and this is the first time Canadian Geographic has featured a shark as the cover boy (or girl if you please).

Canadian Geographic is on a roll.  Three issues in a row have posted gains over prior year.

  • Mar/Apr…up 28%
  • May/Jun…up 3%
  • Jul/Aug…up 18%

Plus, the magazine has done so while raising the cover price by $1 or 12.6%, so it’s particularly noteworthy!




Like A Pro

Posted by Scott On October - 31 - 2018ADD COMMENTS

The Winter 2019 issue of Fly Fusion is scheduled to hit newsstands on November 26th, 2018.

Fly Fusion has been on a roll.  All 3 issues in 2018 are up in Canada in 2018, for a combined 9.8% lift over prior year.

And in the USA, 2 of 3 issues are up, for a combined improvement of 10.9%, with both Winter and Spring being all-time Record Breakers for their respective time slots.

Great covers like this help make that happen.

Harrowsmith Winter Yummy

Posted by Scott On October - 29 - 2018ADD COMMENTS

The Winter 2018/2019 issue of Harrowsmith magazine is set to hit newsstands on November 19th 2018.

Art Director Meredith MacKinley has created another delicious looking cover for Harrowsmith, which is sure to get mouths watering.

A year ago, Harrowsmith introduced this new Winter time slot into the mix, and sales were fantastic, with sales of 9,000 copies at a 35% sell-through.  And their Spring time slot did even better, with sales over 10,500 copies at a 35% sell-through…and up 24% from prior year!  And thanks to a price increase, revenue is up 45%!

Just to put it in context, compare and contrast Harrowsmith’s sales to some venerable USA brands’ average sales in Canada last year:

  • Arch Digest:  4,452
  • Country Living:  3,020
  • Elle Decor: 3,162
  • House Beautiful:  2,864
  • Martha Stewart:  7,466
  • Town & Country:  2,294
  • Veranda:  4,683


Canadian Woodworking: Build a Lamp

Posted by Scott On October - 24 - 2018ADD COMMENTS

The Dec/Jan 2019 issue of Canadian Woodworking is set to hit newsstands on November 18th, 2018.

Art Director Jonathan Cresswell-Jones has delivered another winning look.

  • Warm & Inviting
  • Bold Skybar treatment
  • Top 10 Button device
  • Good use of left-hand side for key sell lines
  • Benefits galore

Canadian Woodworking remains on a major roll.

  • In 2016… 5 of 6 issues posted gains…sales up 49%
  • In 2017… 5 of 6 issues posted gains…sales up 21%
  • In 2018… 5 of 5 issues have posted gains so far…Dec/Jan up 94%, Feb/Mar up 49%, Apr/May up 39%, Jun/Jul up 39%, Aug/Sep up 75%

Jen still Sells

Posted by Scott On October - 18 - 2018ADD COMMENTS

Do Covers Sell?  You know they do.  In case you needed any additional evidence, check out the September 2018 issue of In Style magazine.

This very simple cover approach, with minimal type, posted some incredibly great newsstand sales.

In Canada, sales stand at 49,803 copies sold, and at an astounding 52.1% sell-through efficiency.  The issue prior to this one sold just 26,320 copies..,a variance of 23,483 copies or 89.2% better.  If we compare it to last September’s issue, which sold 39,658 copies, it’s up 10,145 copies or 25.6%.  And if we compare it to the ill-fated July 2018 which sold only 15,955 copies, it’s up 33,848 copies or 212%.

So as you can see, Covers do Sell (or not).


Day 1: Cannabis Legal in Canada

Posted by Scott On October - 17 - 2018ADD COMMENTS

The day has finally dawned.  Canada now joins Uruguay as the only two countries on earth where Cannabis is legal at a federal level.

Launching on newsstands this week is:  Maximum Yield Cannabis.

Maximum Yield Cannabis is an educational resource for the cannabis grower, with how-to advice on topics from seed to harvest and extraction, including information on different strains and ways to medicate or recreate.  Maximum Yield Cannabis connects the varied interests and passions of the industry with cutting-edge information while helping consumers cultivate a healthy life for themselves and their plants.

The mission of Maximum Yield magazine is to provide the best and most current information on hydroponic, greenhouse, controlled environment, and modern growing through how-to and journalistic features. Our articles are written by industry experts and professional writers and feature important subjects such as lighting technology and techniques, nutrients, pest control, grow media, tips and tricks, plant biology, and many others. The magazine also features the latest products, our Ask a Grower segment, and grower-based facts and trivia. Maximum Yield appeals to beginner and advanced home growers, industry experts, and commercial growers.

Art Director Dionne Hurd has done a complete re-design of the cover template, working with

Look for special promotional displays at Chapters/Indigo and Loblaws locations.



McNallay Robinson Top Sellers for September

Posted by Scott On October - 11 - 2018ADD COMMENTS

Three of the top ten best-selling magazines for the month of September at venerable bookseller McNally Robinson are clients.

  1. Prairies North
  2. Canada’s History
  3. Canadian House & Home

Quality Canadian Content Sells!

Winter Horse Care

Posted by Scott On October - 10 - 2018ADD COMMENTS

The Nov/Dec 2018 issue of Horse Canada is set to hit newsstands on October 29th, 2018.

Art Director Sieu Truong has created a classic “poster quality” cover.

The cover features a crisp white background, which gives the gorgeous horse lots of pop.  The choice of a warm gold adds warmth.  The gold snow flakes is a nice touch, drawing attention to the other sell lines.  Great benefit/service features.  Good use of color in the skybar area to help direct the eye.

This time slot is always outstanding for Horse Canada, so look for this one to sell!

Prairies North Fall

Posted by Scott On October - 1 - 2018ADD COMMENTS

This hard-to-miss cover, The Fall 2018 issue of Prairies North, is on newsstands now.

This high-quality regional was acquired by Farmhouse Communications last year.  Rob and Amanda Soulodre have made strategic investments in the editorial product, which have strengthened an already great magazine.

This glossy quarterly title, which retails for $7.99, has seen sales growth on 8 of their past 9 issues!

  • The Spring 2018 issue us up 21%.
  • The Summer 2018 issue is up 10%.

Look for this one to sell too!




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