Covers Sell

Covers Sell

Winter 2016 Creative Scrapbooker

Posted by Scott On October - 21 - 2016ADD COMMENTS

The Winter 2016 issue of Creative Scrapbooker is scheduled to hit newsstands on November 27th, 2016.

The cover price has been raised to $12.99 from $11.99, an increase of 8.3%.

We started distributing to in the USA this year…and:

  • On the Spring 2016  issue it sold thru at an amazing 52%.
  • On the Summer 2016 issue it sold thru at an even better 58%
  • We’ve increased the Fall 2016 USA distribution by 148% to expand our reach

The magazine is 148 pages thick, perfect bound, with a trim size of 8 1/4 x 10 3/4,  and is on very thick glossy stock…a magazine of the highest quality.

Layout 1


Toronto Life Turns 50!

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cover_of_the_week-125x125Toronto Life celebrates 50 years of magazine publishing effective with the November 2016 issue.

From their Press Release:

Toronto Life celebrates its 50th birthday this month with an anniversary issue set to hit newsstands on October 20th. The cover story focuses on what Toronto will look like 50 years from now, how its demographics and economy will change, and how we will deal with a doubling of population. Other stories include a round-table debate with Mayor John Tory and five former Toronto mayors, and a profile of the magazine’s long-time owner Michael de Pencier that serves as a history of the magazine itself.

In a year that has seen prominent magazine titles close, reduce their frequency, or move to digital only, the story is much different for Toronto Life. In almost every measurable way, the magazine has never been stronger.

According to Vividata, an independent audience measurement body, Toronto Life is read by 890,000 people in print each month. That is the highest measured audience for the magazine since 2005. Within Toronto, no other magazine comes close to the reach of Toronto Life—it has the largest measured audience of any magazine. When combined with an online audience of over 770,000 each month (according to Google Analytics), more people are reading Toronto Life today than at any point in its history.

Ken Hunt, Toronto Life’s publisher, compares the magazine’s success to the story in Michael Lewis’s book Moneyball. “We’ve become much smarter about how we measure the effectiveness of the content we produce,” Hunt says. “The data has shown that quick, cheap stories, online quizzes and other click bait doesn’t sustain audience attention; feature-length stories, particularly stories that have a strong point-of-view or unusual access to its subject, have the greatest impact, produce the most engagement, and get shared on social media. This is how we keep readers coming back.”

Toronto Life’s commitment to quality has been reflected in the magazine’s continuing success in magazine award season. At last year’s National Magazine Awards, Toronto Life received more nominations and took home more awards than any other Canadian magazine. And at the inaugural Digital Publishing Awards, Toronto Life received the award for the Best Digital Design, beating out other high-profile finalists including Maclean’s and the Toronto Star’s Star Touch tablet edition.

“We are proud of the innovations we have been able to make on the web with a small, dedicated team,” adds Hunt. “Growing and engaging our digital audience while maintaining our commitment to print is core to our long-term success. Print is an incredible technology at holding a reader’s attention. If we can get a magazine into someone’s hands, they will happily spend an hour or more with us. That kind of engagement is difficult to achieve online. There are just too many distractions.”



Marilyn Covers from Life

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Here are some oldies but goodies from Life Magazine.












House & Home Celebrates 30 Years

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cover_of_the_week-125x125The November 2016 issue of Canadian House & Home is a milestone issue, marking 30 years of producing the best home & style magazine in the category.

Editor Beth Hitchcock had this to say about the issue:

“For House & Home‘s 30th Anniversary issue, we searched for a cover star whose personality and home epitomized easygoing Canadian style. Kim Cattrall’s retreat on Vancouver Island — about 40 minutes from where she grew up — was the perfect fit. Though we all associate her with the wonderfully audacious Samantha Jones from Sex and the City, the real Kim is happiest in this understated, natural setting, and that’s the story we wanted to share with readers. We kept the sell lines simple and matched the banner to the rich red colour of Kim’s door for a mood that’s celebratory, Canadian and just festive enough to suit pre-holiday newsstands.”

The issue is 172 pages thick, and packed with great advice.  Look for this one to sell!


100 Years of Hockey

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The Dec/Jan 2017 issue of Canada’s History is scheduled to hit newsstands on November 21st, 2016. This time slot typically produces the best-selling issue every year! Editor Mark Reid says:  “Dreaming of making the National Hockey League has long been a rite of passage for many young Canadians. And, for a select few, it was a dream come true. To celebrate the centennial year of the NHL, Canada’s History is featuring a special package of stories recalling some of the greatest games every played. From the Toronto Maple Leafs’ Cup win in 1967, to  Paul Henderson’s winning goal in the 1972 Summit Series, we offer readers a rink-side view of the magical moments that made hockey “Canada’s Game.” To illustrate our story, we chose for a cover image Jacques Plante’s 1974 goalie mask — and we are even offering a hand-made replica of the mask as a prize in a special NHL at 100 contest. Enter starting November 8th at:  t


Dirt Trax Roars!

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The Winter 2017 issue of Dirt Trax is scheduled to hit newsstands on Oct 31st, 2016.

Art Director Andrew Knor has delivered another compelling cover for Dirt Trax. The cover successfully integrates both an action shot and a static shot to pack in two vehicles that will be of interest to the Dirt Trax audience.

Dirt Trax sales were up 11% last year, while the industry average for Canada was down 9.8%.

Plus, we took our cover price up by 20% too. And 4 of the past 5 issues have posted sales gains. Strong covers do sell.



Presse Commerce Reports Good News!

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news_green-125x125Report from Press Release:


“Presse Commerce Corporation is proud of the reaction received from customers for the new stores in the McGill University Health Center six months after their opening. The MUHC combines the Royal-Victoria Hospital, the Children’s Hospital, the Montreal Chest Institute and the biggest Research Canada.

Some would say that it was a bold move to open new stores. In fact, the periodical sales in the Multimags grew by 1% when comparing 2015 to 2014. A bookstore, a newsstand and a toy store will entertain the MUHC’s 4.8 millions users of which: 47% are employees, 27% patients and 26% visitors.

Each stores offers a variety of products adapted to their specialty, but we made sure to give magazines an important place with in store giant screens to inform, promote and discover new titles.

In fact, the response has been so good since day one that the MUHC has agreed to organize a joint book fair with Multimags.”

Hospital Best Sellers:

Top 5 Overall:

  1. People
  2. In Touch
  3. Life & Style
  4. 7 Jours
  5. La Semaine

Top 5 U.S.:

  1.  People
  2. In Touch
  3. Life & Style
  4. Vanity Fair
  5. Star

Top 5 CDN:

  1. Hello
  2. Macleans
  3. Chatelaine
  4. Loulou
  5. Canadian House & Home

Top 5 QC:

  1.  7 Jours
  2. La Semaine
  3. Star systeme
  4. L’Actualité
  5. Châtelaine






Canadian Cycling Fit & Hip

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The Oct/Nov 2016 issue of Canadian Cycling is a classic “poster style” cover.

The white background gives the image a high-contrast platform to work from.

The use of red gives it a high-octane zing.

The theme of fitness is a strong subject matter for us.  Look for this one to sell.

Plus: 7 of the past 9 issues have posted sales gains!



Record Breaker for Horse Canada Annual

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check_mark_125x125Horse Canada’s 2016 Annual is a Record Breaker!  It is now the all-time best selling issue in the magazine’s illustrious history.

Sales are up 15% from last year.  Plus, we raised the cover price by 13% to $8.99.  This resulted in an overall revenue improvement of 31%.

Horse Canada has posted sales improvements on 10 of their last 14 issues, which is a remarkable achievement in today’s market.  And they have done so while raising the cover price to reflect it’s market-leading stature in the horse industry.




Battle of the Pacific

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The Winter 2016 SIP from the Legion Magazine is scheduled to hit newsstands on November 7th, 2016.

The Battle of the Pacific SIP retails for $14.95.

Look for promotions at Chapters/Indigo, Loblaws, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Wal Mart.

Art Director Jason Duprau chose an iconic image of the USS Arizona, and says:

“We decided to use this image, because this was part of the event (the attack on Pearl Harbour) which drew Canada into the Pacific War.”

A clip from the magazine caption reads:  The USS Arizona minutes after it was hit by Japanese bombs at Pearl Harbor. The Arizona’s fuel tanks and powder magazine were full, resulting in a spectacular explosion. It sank in nine minutes.

The cover is full of drama, energy and feeling.  Bold Header and use of red pops on the white background. Good use of the left hand real estate  for supporting hooks.  Strong starburst with premium maps.







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