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Covers Sell

Walrus vs. Toronto Life

Posted by admin On June - 14 - 2013

Two of the most decorated magazines for editorial excellence in Canada (see National Magazine Awards)–the Walrus and Toronto Life–have come out with fantastic new covers for the Summer.

Toronto Life used to do a summer reading issue (back when John Macfarlane was the editor and I was the Circulation Director).  Now at the Walrus, John has made this a staple of his editorial line-up at the Walrus.

“The July/August 2013 Summer Reading issue of The Walrus features six emerging creative writers from across the country, Richard Gwyn on the appeal of Justin Trudeau’s emotional intelligence, Sara Angel on Shary Boyle at the Venice Biennale, Peter Andrey Smith on the state of Canada’s Experimental Lakes Area, a plea for Senate reform, Craig Davidson on memories of Marineland, and more!”, says their press release.

Here is Christine Dewairy’s (Toronto Life‘s Art Director) take on this cover:

“Because the McCains are not instantly recognizable, the typography and background had to really do the work. I chose neon green (809C) because it is bright and eye-catching, evoking wealth, money and toxicity.”

Back in February 1996 Toronto Life did a cover story entitled, The Divorce From Hell, by Wendy Dennis. This article won Gold at the 1996 National Magazine Awards in the One-of-a-Kind category.   It was a huge seller at newsstands, especially for a February issue, all-type, and a black cover…selling 16,447 copies at a 61% sell-through efficiency!

Please Vote on which cover– of the two below–you think will get the biggest lift.  I will report back in a few months when sales are firmed up.  Rush out to the newsstand and pick up both these great issues.

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Which will get the biggest lift?

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