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Zoomer Celebrates Liz Taylor

Posted by admin On May - 23 - 2013

The June 2013 issue of Zoomer magazine features a fabulous vintage photo of the iconic celebrity Elizabeth Taylor

According to the press release, the issue “reveals new details of her time in Toronto with Richard Burton and their secret Montreal wedding.”  And the release goes on to say that “Taylor is also being celebrated today at the Cannes Film Festival where a restored print of the film Cleopatra is being presented by Bulgari and 20th Century Fox.”

The cover image is by Canadian photographer Douglas Kirkland, who worked in the 60s and 70s in NY for both Look and Life Magazine. In addition to Taylor, he also shot Marilyn Monroe and Marlena Dietrich.

This just in from Marisa Latini:

“The June issue of Zoomer is another first for us, where we are utilizing a vintage image of a celebrity on the cover and it’s sure to move copies,” said Marisa Latini, VP Marketing, ZoomerMedia.

“The main feature is part of a bigger package on second-and-beyond marriages, and the issue contains a package on “Post-Career Careers” — perfect for our demographic,” she added.

This first=ever vintage/nostalgic cover is exciting, and I love it.  Plus, the cover has all these things going for it too:

  • Iconic Star
  • Great Eye Contact
  • Fab Black Cocktail Dress
  • Great jewellery
  • Tons of benefit-oriented cover lines
  • Taps into free media hype

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