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Grid Wins

Posted by Scott On February - 20 - 2012

The Grid (formerly Eye Weekly) has been named one of the five best designed newspapers in the world in the 33rd annual Best of Newspaper Design Creative Competition from the Society for News Design (SND):

In an article on you will find other interesting observations:

On CoversSell.Com we have commented positively on the Grid’s covers.  We have been a tad critical of their competitor NOW (see links below):

It appears that NOW may be  getting inreasingly desperate for attention, as the GRID gains critical acclaim, based on this tacky and insensitive image they just published.

It’s very odd stuff, coming from a “progressive paper” that is anti-gun and normally sensitive to issues around suicide and mental health.  Even their own readers are calling them to task.  See these coments from the NOW website:

Taking aim at Ford

Everyone is talking about mental illness and suicide, and NOW decides to make a point about Rob Ford committing political suicide with a graphic of the mayor with a gun to his head (NOW, February 9-15). Great timing, you idiots. This is no better than the National Rifle Association in the U.S. holding a gun rally after the Columbine shootings, Al Joseph

Don’t try gun violence

I find your continuing visual assaults on the mayor some of the worst examples of journalistic licence I have ever seen in what is supposedly a news magazine. I’ve listened to your editors justify the photo on radio and TV. What mealy-mouthed BS.,  David Beckner

NOW hates Ford – we get it

We get that NOW hates Rob Ford. But what is your excuse for being so disrespectful and insensitive to individuals and families who have had to cope with suicide?  John McKellar

NOW’s timing probably couldn’t be worse, considering the public relations blitz being conducted on behalf of Canadian Mental Health:

Given that most firearm deaths in Canada are suicides (over 75 per cent) compared to murder, anyone who cares about suicides by gun should read this post in the Toronto Star:–gun-control-keeps-suicides-down

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