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Covers Sell

Great Canadian Covers 2011 (Hobby)

Posted by Scott On February - 2 - 2012

The Apr/May issue of Canadian Woodworking cut through the clutter on newsstands.

This issue was their top seller in 2011, and it outsold the same issue from prior year by 120%.

Great use of the skybar area.  Smart use of the left-hand real estate.  But most importantly, the subject matter of working in a SMALL SHOP resonated with their audience.  Loaded with practical advice, this benefit-oriented  ” themed”  issue is a winner.

The Nov/Dec 2011 issue of SkyNews magazine, while not yet final, is poised to be their best-selling issue ever!  And by a wide margin…50% better than their previous best.  The issue is forecast  to outsell last year’s Nov/Dec issue by 238%.   See more from Cover of The Week

Proving that black covers can sell, this issue used bold type to signal to readers “pay attention, something special here.”  Offering the FREE Full-Size Astronomy Calendar was a nice bonus too.

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One Response to “Great Canadian Covers 2011 (Hobby)”

  1. Appreciate this post. I am a total lover of woodworking/home improvement related topics and save most of the info I can find on it. Your The Best

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