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Covers Sell

Great Canadian Covers 2011 (Political)

Posted by Scott On January - 31 - 2012

These two covers from Maclean’s stood out for a host of reasons for Great Canadian Covers 2011 (Political).

The May 16th issue was the “biggest news issue ever” in Maclean’s long and storied history covering Canadian politics.  The issue arguably forecast  Stephen Harper finally achieiving a majority government, and of the stunning collapse of the Liberal’s under the leadership of Michael Ignatief, and the rise of the NDP to our government in waiting.  The issue featured a $6.95 cover price…a $1 or 17% premium.  Sales of this editorial-rich issue were up by 207% from the same time slot from 2010, and with the $1 premium, a 258% lift in newsstand dollars.

The September 12th, 2011 issue of Maclean’s, featuring a triumphant Jack Layton, is a cover that will stand the test of time.  Looking at it today, knowing what we now know about Jack Layton’s terminal cancer, the joy in his face is positively heroic and the cover captures the spirit of the man that endures.  The “Special Tribute” issue is elegant, sophisticated, and inspirational.  Sales of this issue were up 65% from the same time slot the previous year.  It too featured a $6.95 cover price, a $1 premium over the normal price, thus lifiting newsstand revenues by 94%.   See additional information on Cover of the Week.

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