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Posted by Scott On December - 22 - 2011

Ad Age the May 20th Time Magazine cover as one of the Top 10 Covers (U.S.) of 2011

Ad Age said:

” This was the fourth Time magazine cover to use a red X, following covers marking the deaths of Adolf Hitler (on the issue dated May 7, 1945), Saddam Hussein (April 21, 2003) and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (June 19, 2006). The bin Laden version was designed by Tim O’Brien.”

I blogged about this cover back on May 4th

According to ABC statistics, this issue sold  362,109 single copies. Osama X’d beat the average of the other 25 issues in the Jan–Jun 2011 ABC period by 418%.  Plus, it out sold the previous 140 issues of Time magazine. Impressive.

It was the best-selling issue since November 17th, 2008, when, ironically, Time featured President-Elect Obama, who ulttimately, as Commander in Chief, authorised Osama’s execution.  In case you are wondering, Obama sold 575,000 copies.

A classic cover from Time, and arguably a candidate for the Hall of Fame, in the Less is More category.

Sadam X’d sold 168,450 according to ABC.  Abu X’d sold 96,000 according to ABC.  Hitler X’d…perhaps the good folks at ABC will dig that out of the archives for us?

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