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Fishing Destinations

Posted by Scott On September - 30 - 2011

Fly Fusion, the award-winning quarterly magazine for fly fishing enthusiasts, published out of Calgary, has just released their 2011 Special Interest Publication, Fly Fishing Destinations.  The cover price is $8.95, normal issues are $7.95.  While the core product has always focused clearly on tactical advice, this special issue points passionate fisherman to “dream locations and monster fish”.  It also tempts the reader with specific species that they may be seeking to persue.

Like all good SIPs this issue has an original stand-alone feel, while still paying homage to the mother brand.  It is hoped that this will help mitigate against premature returns. The unique selling proposition is clearly labeled as part of the overall logo area. What are we selling?  Fly Fishing Destinations,  of course, or in case there was any doubt, Dream Locations and Monster Fish.

Fly Fusion’s Canadian sales have increased by 167% in the past year.  These results were achieved by increasing the cover price, expanding dealer coverage, enhancing the quality of the binding and cover stock, and by focusing on benefit-oriented cover lines.  In the U.S.,sales have increased by over 22%, with draws remaining steady; therefore this growth is all about the product delivering on quality, and covers that  are resonating with consumers.  The most recent issue closed with a sell-through over 51%.

The SIP goes on sale October 10th.

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