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Two from Overseas

Posted by Scott On February - 4 - 2011

Guest Expert, Martin McKewen, National Sales Director, LMPI, offers up these  two standouts from overseas to

Courrier International, a weekly digest of world news published in France, features an illustrated cover of Sarah Palin. The illustration gives her qualities you rarely see in photos or video, which helps it stand out. This is not the super-duper, happy

Sarah we’re used to seeing. The cover lines are simple, and will draw a reaction from just about anyone – whether it’s

inspiring, frightening or comical depends on your own worldview.  It’s a definite stand-out on the mainline and at the counter in the photo-heavy news category this week, and we’ll watch the sales to see how it performs against the news from Egypt, Yemen and Tunisia.

In sharp contrast is the annual Victoria’s Secret cover for British GQ. This is a classy cover bringing together two strong brands. This issue tends to be a strong performer for a very consistent newsstand title.  Is it promotional? Is it editorial? One could argue that for a quality men’s title like British GQ, this is straightforward coverage of an important event on the fashion calendar.

Alas, my only concern is that the omission of any other cover lines will lead readers missing an excellent interview of Piers Morgan (the new Larry King) by Vanity Fair regular Michael Wolff.”

Thanks Martin.  Report back when sales firm up.

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