Covers Sell

Covers Sell

Well, Dwell SIP Sells!

Posted by Scott On January - 21 - 2011

The results are in, and the 100 Houses We Love cover, an SIP put out by Dwell, was a huge success.

Sales in Canada were 12,300 copies, on a draw of 23,800, for nearly a 52% sell-through efficiency.

The average sale on the regular (January through August 2010) issues in Canada was 7,750 copies, on a draw of 23,100, for a sell-through efficiency of 33%.

Plus, the cover price was $9.99 on the SIP, as opposed to the normal price of $6.99.  That’s a 43% premium priced product.  And worth every penny.

  • Copies sold:  up 207% compared to the average issue
  • Newsstand revenue:  up a staggering 339%
  • Efficiency: up nearly 20pts

Vertical content.  Beautifully packaged. Fabulous Outcome.

That’s a winning hand!


“It was a great success for us on the newsstand, with approximately 82,000 units sold.  We received a lot of positive feedback from subscribers and newsstand buyers alike.  “Houses We Love” is one of the most popular sections of Dwell magazine, so we knew it would be a popular theme for our fans, and the SIP would end up being a real “best of” collectible item,” says Robyn Patty, Consumer Marketing Manager, for Dwell. 

That means 15% of the total sale came out of Canada.

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