Covers Sell

Covers Sell

The Great One

Posted by Scott On October - 29 - 2010

This fabulous cover from the Hockey News is one to watch.  Special Interest Publications (SIPS) are all the rage these days.

The cover features arguably the biggest star (read celebrity) in the history of hockey.  Smart to have Gretzky in his Edmonton Jersey, looking young, vibrant and invincible.

Great use of the Hockey News brand, without overwhelming the main message:  Top 100 Players of All Time.

Edior Jason Kay says,

“In 1997, The Hockey News produced an acclaimed and definitive list of the top 100 hockey players of all time. Thirteen years later, that body of work has been updated and enhanced, with a notable twist, in THN’s Top 100 Players of All-Time, by Position. The publication charged a panel of experts to analyze what had changed in the past 13 years and re-rank the best players hockey has ever seen by the positions they played. The results are compelling. Since 1997, Patrick Roy has retired and Martin Brodeur has become the winningest goalie ever; how does that impact their standing? Steve Yzerman hadn’t won a Stanley Cup when the original work was produced, but finished his career with three. And where do relative newbies such as Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin fit on the food chain? All is revealed in THN’s Top 100 Players of All-Time, by Position. In addition to profiles, bios and statistical breakdowns on each of the top 100 stars, the slick 172-page magazine identifies the top five players ever for each of the 30 NHL franchises and offers opinions on how the future may unfold.”

The value proposition couldn’t be more clearly stated and is positioned for maximum newsstand impact.  The white cover sparkles, and the background treatment is very Esquire-ish.  The $7.99 price point makes it almost too good to be true.

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