Covers Sell

Covers Sell

Canadian Business Cover Claims: Sex Isn’t Selling!

Posted by Scott On September - 9 - 2010

This fabulous cover (another gem produced by Jason Logan) is a great example of how to art direct a sensitive subject–tackle it head on.

Canadian Business has taken on controversial subject matter, and given it a clean, uncluttered, and compelling twist. They’ve taken some risks (love that sub head) and done it in a way that is both sexy and sophisticated.

Senior writer James Cowan was given the compelling writing assignment.

Logan’s less-is-more approach deftly juggles at least 5 of my 30 major rules for newsstand success:

Rule #2:  Subject Matter Matters
Rule #6:  Be Controversial
Rule #9:  Clean over Cluttered
Rule #16:  Take Some Risks
Rule #20:   Be Sexy

Logan says,  “For a cover like this to sing it really helps to start with a fascinating article, great editor, forward-looking publisher, and art team that can make it happen fast.”

Obviously, Logan also understands that Teamwork Matters too.

My prediction?  This Cover Sells.

One Response to “Canadian Business Cover Claims: Sex Isn’t Selling!”

  1. Alan says:

    Great cover but I have two issues:
    What is going on with the shadows??

    and the font for the smaller lines is too condensed for my liking especially when it need not be.

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