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Small is Big

Posted by Scott On July - 26 - 2012

The Sepetember 2012 issue of Canadian House & Home looks like a winner.

Subject Matter Matters!

This topic, of providing solutions for small spaces, is a benefit-oriented package that will have mass appeal. 

The clever handling of the bold main selling line within the context of an art image works on all levels…it pops off the page but retains an elegence and sophistication so important to this upscale brand.

Great use of the upper left “real estate” to pop off the 45+ Smart Storage Tricks support, and the alternating color treatments of the other sell lines helps set them apart and helps the eye navigate down the page quickly.

Insert Card We Love

Posted by Scott On July - 23 - 2012

Check out the new insert card (blow-in) from Maclean’s…it came in my subscriber copy.

Here at we love it that Maclean’s is celebrating the history of their magazine’s evolution, from 1908 to 2012, as the card highlights four different cover designs used over the decades.

Maclean’s remains one of my favorite Canadian magazines, and continues to post strong newsstand sales, both for their regular and special issues!

Million Dollar Shot?

Posted by Scott On July - 16 - 2012

This just in from a loyal reader…it is estimated that the Paparazzi shot used in this Women’s Day cover may have earned the rogue photographer a million dollar payday.  Boggles the mind.

But this “money shot” of Kate and Will has extra-earning potential, according to the Yahoo! post, because, wait for it, Kate is wearing a black bikini.   Click here:

What, no commentary on Will’s boxers?  Or the Walkie Talkie he appears to be holding?

Timing is Everything for CB

Posted by Scott On July - 16 - 2012

The new issue of Canadian Business is one to watch.

So much of what often influences block-buster sellers is timing.  So, despite the fact that the RIM story is a bit, well, a downer, and the cover is black, the topic is certainly one that is generating tons of media coverage, has tongues wagging, and has stock holders clinging to the edge of their seats.

Art Director, John Montgomery says, “For our End of RIM story, we knew that we wanted a cover that would feel like a memorial for the company, and that it should be quiet and somber. Editor Duncan Hood started with the simple line: “Research in Motion (1984-2012).” The choice of black was decided upon immediately, and the eclipsed BlackBerry came from an early mock-up. Then we added the “It didn’t have to come to this” line to capture the regret and anger of seeing Canada’s largest tech company fall from such heights. Once that was completed, we realized that any additional cover lines would simply clutter the design. The choice to remove our usual red band in the name-plate was decided upon at the very last minute, but once we did that we knew that we had something very interesting for Canadian Business magazine.

Interesting indeed.  We will report back with a Check Up later in the year.

Newsstand Humour

Posted by Scott On July - 12 - 2012

This cover was sent in by a loyal reader of

It’s a good send up on the formulaic covers that work so well for magazines like Cosmopolitan.

It’s also a good reminder that we don’t want to become so stuck on rules that we become a parody of oursleves. After all, we still want to delight and surprise our readers.

On the other hand, it’s easy to mock success, much harder to generate the newsstand sales that Cosmopolitan typically turns in.  Cosmo’s ABC statements from 2011 show that they sold over 18 million single copies, with newsstand sales making up 50% of their total ratebase.   I think they are laughing all the way to the bank.

See original post by clicking here:

Emma Stone is so Vogue

Posted by Scott On July - 10 - 2012

The August 2012 issue of Vogue is impossible to ignore.  Those eyes are just lazers that you can feel from across the grocery store asile.  You feel the burning, you look, and you are captured. The lips.  The tendrils.  I love how she obliterates the logo.  Nothing else matters!

Yes, I did just see the Spiderman movie, and the actress turned in a great performance.  My guess is that she has made a lot of new fans, who will be eager to snap up this issue to learn more about her.

The UK edition is interesting too.  Nice hat.

Re-Design for Weddingbells

Posted by Scott On July - 6 - 2012

The Fall+Winter 2012 issue of Weddingbells features a brand new look.

“The Fall + Winter 2012 issue of Weddingbells features a complete redesign from cover-to-cover. The look and feel of the magazine is clean, fresh and pretty and features new fonts, feature sections and a new cover design that very much reflects the inside of the issue. The cover image of our beautiful bride is relaxed and natural looking—she looks as though she’s been caught in a moment. We kept the overall feel of the cover light and airy to effectively showcase the image, “says Alison McGill, Editor-In-Chief.

The cover price is $7.95, on sale July 16th, 2012.  The Toronto/Ontario editon clocks in at 466 pages thick!  Hard not to love a white wedding for a gorgeous blonde.  Here is the new look vs. the old look:


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