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Posted by Scott On May - 31 - 2016

The Summer 2016 issue of Prairies North features a black cover treatment.

Rule #11 is that Color works better then Black & White, and White covers work better then Black Covers.

Rule #1 is that There are Always exceptions to the Rules.

This service-oriented cover feature requires a black cover, for obvious reasons.

PN Summer 2016 cover (Small)


Cottage Life SIP Results

Posted by Scott On May - 1 - 2015

On December 2nd, 2013 Cottage Life produced a Special Interest Publication called:  How to Buy a Cottage.  The cover price was $9.99 compared to the regular price of $6.95. That’s a variance of $3.04 or a 44% increase in the price for the SIP.

So, how did it perform?

In a word, brilliantly.

The issue sold 9,444 units, and generated  $94,346 gross newsstand dollars.

The average sale of the regular six issues that year was 6,090 copies, generating $42,326 dollars.

Therefore the SIP sold 55% more copies than the average regular issue, and generated 123% more revenue.

No other issue from 2012 to 2015 has sold more copies.

The April 2015 issue of Cottage Life is a beauty.  It went on sale March 9th, and I suspect it will do well too!

I really love the Cottage Life West cover from January 2014, which is a best-seller since Cottage Life West took over from Cottage.

SIPApr 2015

winter 2014 (Small)



Panda Covers

Posted by Scott On October - 2 - 2014

Rule #30     If it works, keep doing it

Nov 1973Dec 1981

Mar 1986Feb 1993

Jul 2006

Legion Nominated for Gutenberg Award

Posted by admin On March - 25 - 2014

Legion Magazine has been nominated for a Gutenberg Award for the Design and Printing of the 2013 Victoria Cross SIP.

The press release goes on to say:

The Gala Gutenberg awards are presented by the Printability and Graphic Communications Instutute, formerly known as the Quebec Institute of Graphic Communications, to recognize excellence in graphics and the printing industry.

The 100-page magazine, published last fall, featured more than 100 archival photos and illustrations to go with a text by historian Hugh A. Halliday.  It’s striking cover, designed by the magazine’s art department, features an embossed Victoria Cross, and fold foil logo.

The winners will be announced at a gala in Montreal on April 22, 2014.

For more information on Legion Magazine contact:
613-591-0116  •


Posted by admin On March - 21 - 2014

I received a note from Kevin Brannigan, who offered high praise for this cover.

It does indeed very quickly convey the message.

New Stats

Posted by admin On February - 7 - 2014

The new statistics for the July–December 2013 audit period have been released by the Alliance for Audited Media (formally ABC).

Very few good news stories to report this year.

Overall Canadian magazines posted an average sale of 1,113,912 units sold compared to 1,267,518 a year ago, for a loss of 153,606, or a 12.1% decline.

Canadian magazines reporting newsstand sales increases from prior year is dominated by French language titles and include:

  1. Elle Canada up by an average of 6,111 per issue
  2. Derniere Heure up 5,878
  3. Moi & Cie up 2,885
  4. The Hockey News up 2,028
  5. L’Actualite up 1,571
  6. Les Idees De Ma Masion up 1,533
  7. Yoopa up 1,453
  8. Les Affaires up 1,285
  9. Maclean’s up 585
  10. Chatelaine French up 517
  11. Style at Home up 461
  12. Lou Lou Votre Guide Shopping up 211
  13. Bel Age up 201
  14. Fashion up 186
  15. Canada’s History up 79

The new report also lists the top Canadian Publications for Digital Replicas:

  1. Readers Digest English…34,117
  2. Canadian House & Home…11,045
  3. Maclean’s…7,807
  4. Selection Readers Digest…6,035
  5. Chatelaine…5,590
  6. MoneySense…5,148
  7. Canadian Living…5,015
  8. Hello!…4,401
  9. Coupe De Pouce…3,613
  10. Les Affaires…3,579
  11. The Hockey News…3,533
  12. A+…3,470
  13. Fashion…3,309
  14. Toronto Life…3,176
  15. Style at Home…2,718

The Top Sellers at Newsstand on average sale are:

  1. Canadian Living…104,676
  2. Chatelaine…91,180
  3. Canadian House & Home…78,217
  4. Hello!…61,418
  5. 7 Jours…49,417

Happy 25th Anniversary

Posted by admin On December - 19 - 2013

Mariage Quebec has reached a milestone…25 years of successful publishing.  Join me in congratulating them!  This 226 page thick issue looks great.

This cover is a classic “less is more” approach.

Publisher, Denyse Croteau Clermont, MARIAGE Québec, had this to say about the cover:

For our special 25th anniversary cover, we decided to go more authentic route by using real people throughout the magazine. Our cover image depicts a happy couple who will get married next summer and we added children dancing around them as we wanted to show how the such a joyous event can be shared with family. You’ll notice also that we decided to forgo the use of extra copy on the cover and focus mainly on our 25th anniversary logo.

Inside the issue, our various editorials showcase real bridesmaids and real children; putting a focus on genuine experiences submitted by our readers. In fact, cover to cover, the entire issue is a family-focused celebration. This issue is in honour of our silver anniversary – 25 years of helping Quebec brides plan the happiest day of their lives.”

Double Up

Posted by admin On September - 16 - 2013

What a difference a year can make…and great covers!

The December 2012 issue of Chatelaine was a huge success.

I blogged about it:

Sales jumped by over 25%!

Now that is what I call Christmas cheer.

Gatsby Look for Jewellery

Posted by admin On August - 8 - 2013

The October 2013 issue of Jewellery Business magazine is ready to go to press with a hot look, inspired by the Great Gatsby.

Here’s what editor Blair Adams had to say about the cover selection:

“This is Jewellery Business’s third foray onto the newsstand. This time out, we are excited to take a step back in time to the Roaring Twenties with a haunting image reminiscent of speakeasies, flappers, and Prohibition,” said editorial director, Blair Adams. “The visual ties with an article on art deco and vintage jewellery, brought to life in the recent movie, The Great Gatsby. The colour palette is simple and complements the imagery of the era.”

The magazine is available exclusively at Chapters/Indigo and is distributed by Disticor Direct.

Click to Enlarge Image

Pick the Cover

Posted by admin On August - 6 - 2013

The 2013 Legion Magazine special will be focused on the Victoria Cross and the stories of the heroes who have earned Canada’s highest military honour.

We’ve come up with 3 bold designs.  Which one do you prefer.

Click on images to Enlarge:

Please cast your vote below:

Which one do you perfer?

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