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Canadian Living or Style…Vote Now!

Posted by admin On May - 27 - 2013

Two fabulous new covers from my friends at Transcon.

Take a moment to vote on which one you prefer. 

I’ll report back on which cover yielded a better result compared to their historic averages.

Here’s what the new editor-in-chief of Canadian Living, Jen Reynolds, had this to say about the cover: When we declared that it was our Best of Canada Issue we knew we had to try a cover with butter tarts, debatably the only truly Canadian food. Getting this cover wasn’t easy as we tried shots looking down, looking down at multiples, looking down at multiples with a bite taken out, looking down with different coloured and textured surfaces and every combo in-between. These shots were pretty but nothing special and certainly not cover-worthy so we reevaluated and decided to stack the tarts and try that approach multiple ways. As we built our mountain of butter tarts three high and took a pretty little bite out of it, we all agreed it was started to become cover worthy but the shots still didn’t scream Best of Canada…yet. So we played more. We plucked a Canadian flag on our “butter tart mountain” and loved it but still, it needed something more. This is when our contributing art director Chris Bond, prop stylist Madeleine Johari, food stylist Melanie Stuparyk and photographer Jeff Coulson came up with the idea to add a banner of Canadian flags to the background (homemade by Madeleine) and light sparkers. When the light from a group of four sparklers produced a burst of energy in the background and the perfect space for cover lines, we just knew we had our winner and when we added our main coverline, publisher Caroline Andrews and our cover team agreed!   Important note: In our office there’s a HUGE debate (as we imagine there is among Canadians coast to coast) about whether raisins belong in butter tarts or not. I’m firmly in the “no raisins” camp so that’s why these tarts are ooey gooey good without the squishy little offenders.  

And this is what Erin McLaughlin, Editor-in-Chief, Style at Home & Canadian Gardening magazines, had to say about the Style at Home cover:  “Canadians look to the summer issues of their favourite magazines to provide breezy, bright style, and this cover delivers the best of both worlds. The high ceilings, the all-white backdrop and the unobstructed sightlines right out the windows were a big part of the appeal in this room, and we loved the way the clear acrylic chairs are juxtaposed with the dark table to give off a casual summer vibe. Readers can really picture themselves here, and that’s an important cover strategy for Style at Home. We also removed the colour banner behind the logo for this issue in order to emphasize the height of the ceiling. White, of course, is a mainstay for our July issue, and our main cover line speaks directly to that point. We let the enticing image do the rest. The bubble references our double cover, where we add blue to the wall colour to promote a different look.”

 I love them both.  Which one do you think will result in the best outcome?

Vote below, and I will do a check-up to reveal the results.

Which will have the best outcome?

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4 Responses to “Canadian Living or Style…Vote Now!”

  1. audreyd says:

    I love Style at Home. The cover was beautiful, very subtle colours, which is what I like.

  2. nicolette lovering says:

    I love style at home magazine! I subscribe to it! Keep up the excellent work! …cheers

  3. Lara Hryn says:

    I vote Style at Home of July magazine! I dream of this whitening kitchen!!!❤

  4. Karin Apfel says:

    I love the Canadian Living cover. Very Canadian in tone without being over the top (which is also very Canadian). I can almost taste/feel that syrup from the tart.

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