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8 Great Covers

Posted by Scott On March - 2 - 2012

Concrete Wave…the long-boarding skaters’ dream book…has just released their annual Buyer’s Guide.  This year’s issue is 132 pages, up 14%from prior year.  Ad pages just continue to pour in, which of course ups the editorial page count too.

To celebrate, and to “stoke” his audience, Publisher Michael Brooke is producing 8 different covers (utilizing multiple artists) which will be randomly circulated by co-mingling the covers as they are shipped to the U.S., Australia, and the U.K.

While all 8 are great, there are four that I want to single out as examples of “poster quality covers”.

Brooke says he just wants to get people talking, and besides, his printer made him an incredible deal for all 8 covers, “a small price to pay for this much fun,” says Brooke.

Last year’s Buyer’s Guide achieved a 60% sell-through efficiency, a benchmark rarely seen these days.

Brooke started publishing in 1999.  The first issue was 16 pages, on newsprint, saddle stiched, with a trim size of 8.175 X  10.875.  Today the magazine has a trim size of 9 X 10.875, is perfect bound, and the cover is 10pt UV coated stock , while the interior stock is 60lb coated.  “If the medium is indeed the message, than I truly believe in over-delivery of that message”, says Brooke, channeling his inner Marshall Mcluhan.

Here’s what Brooke has to say about each of the four covers posted below:

Cover #1 (Guy upside down):

“This is master freestyler Kilian Martin, a Spaniard whose skating has garnered millions of views on YouTube. Freestyle is  a niche within skateboarding. This trick, called a handstand kickflip is only performed by a handful of people around the globe. The fact that he’s doing it with a longboard makes this a double punch!  The few freestylers who see this will be amazed…as will the hundreds of thousands of longboarders.”

Cover #2 (The race):

“The folks who art directed this cover are based in Phoenix, Arizona, and they have a background in drag racing. They also have a brilliant eye for the fashion and imagery of the 50’s. This cover screams “ACTION” and I know it will ignite sparks everywhere. It’s fun, intense and yep, definitely sexy. It’s a bit of a leap for us…but so far, the response has been very good (if you count the 25+ comments on Facebook!)”

Cover #3 (Robotic Neon):

“There’s a long story as how I connected with Tommii Lim, the brilliant artist who created this cover, but here is the short story instead.  While putting together a program for the Vans Warped Tour, I started working with Karl Bornstein who manages artist Don Pendleton. One conversation led to dozens…which led to me deciding to utilize the talents of Tommii – who is part of Karl’s stable of artists. This cover is going to wind up as a poster…and what I love about it is its sheer starkness.”

Cover #4 (Ride the Railing):

“Dan Bourqui has shot a number of covers for us (I think this is number 6) and he always seems to capture the true spirit of “Concrete Wave.” This is a very technical street trick called an “Impossible” but it’s being performed on a longboard. This should sufficiently impress even the most jaded street skater…while at the same time making my core audience of longboarders realize “anything is possible with a longboard – (even an impossible!).”

What I love about Brooke’s approach is that he thinks big, believes in challenging conventional norms, is committed to high-quaility editorial production values, and is extremely passionate about magazines.

For more on Concrete Wave, click on this  link below:

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Here’s how the magaine looked when it debuted in 1999. But that was then and this is now!

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