Covers Sell

Covers Sell

I’ve always considered circulation management to be the “beautiful science.”

While the numbers never lie, the science is never pure.  The multi-layered variables of newsstand sales render it mysterious and therefore thrilling.  Like nature itself, covers have the power to generate breath-taking peaks (on a spread sheet) or gaping chasms.

Beautiful covers can do both.

So let’s examine the empirical data on the ASME nominations in the Science, Technology & Nature category.  Mount Everest or Death Valley?

Reality Check on New York Cover:

Kiss a pig?  I’d rather not, thanks.  According to ABC statistics, this porker sold 13,319 copies, compared to an average sale for the Jul/Dec rate base period of 17,175…that’s 22% worse.  Of the 43 issues published in 2009, only 5 sold fewer copies, ranking it 38th of 43 that newsstand buyers “voted on” with their wallets.  Sick.

Reality Check on New Yorker Cover:

According to ABC statistics, this cover sold 33,500 copies, compared to an average for the Jul/Dec 2009 period of 37,136…that’s 10% worse.  The best-selling cover in the rate base period for the New Yorker sold 55,000 copies…or 64% more.  The beautiful science is ruthlessly simple.  This cover represented a major sacrifice on the alter of art.

Reality Check on Outside Cover:

This disturbing image may not be beautiful, but Outside’s audience sure loved it.  According to ABC statistics, it sold 68,066 copies compared to the average of 59,248 for the Jul/Dec 2009 period…that’s a 15% spike.  It’s also a 32% improvement from the same time slot in 2008.  Risk was rewarded.

Reality Check on National Geographic Cover:

Not a majestic mountain. Not a verdant valley. This cover depends entirely on subject matter selection, a heavy commitment to bold typography, and a clean, less-is-more approach.  Radically clear.  Boldly executed.   According to ABC statistics this issue sold 204,984 compared to the average of 154,389…that’s a 33% improvement.  It was by far the best-seller of the Jan/Jun 2010 rate base period.   The beautiful science is crystal clear…this cover is a winner.

(Note:  The other two covers are not ABC audited)

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