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Annual FORECAST Issue

Posted by Scott On December - 20 - 2019

The Jan/Feb 2020 issue of Canadian Real Estate Wealth is on sale now.

This time slot, and this annual issue, always produces our best sales performance.

Art Directors Alicia Chin, and her design team led by Marla M0relos, have created an impossible-to miss cover. Look for promotions at Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws.

Comfort Food

Posted by Scott On December - 9 - 2019

The Winter 2020 issue of Harrowsmith is now on newsstands, just in time for the Christmas rush.  In addition to their annual Almanac, Harrowsmith publishes a regular-sized magazine in both Winter and Spring.

This classic Canadian brand continues to sell amazingly well!

The Winter 2017 (launch issue) sold 8,983 copies.  The Winter 2018 issue sold 9,652 copies, up 7.5%.

Windsor Chair

Posted by Scott On December - 5 - 2019

The Feb/Mar 2020 issue of Canadian Woodworking is set to hit newsstands on Jan 20th, 2020.

Art Director Jonathan Cresswell-Jones has created another hard-working cover.

Canadian Woodworking continues it’s incredible upward sales growth trajectory.

  • Sales for 2019 are up 20%.  Plus 3 of 6 issues are Record Breakers for their time slots.
  • Sales for 2018 were up 39%.
  • Sales for 2017 were up 21%.
  • Sales for 2016 were up 49%.
  • Sales for 2015 were up 12%


Posted by Scott On November - 28 - 2019

The Jan/Feb 2020 issue of the Legion is a beauty.  It’s set to go on sale Dec 30th, 2019.

This cover is a great example of how a black and white photograph can work brilliantly.  The hot yellow helps warm things up.  And the bold type treatment and “less-is-more” approach really makes it pop.

The emotion in this cover is strongly conveyed.

This is an instant timeless classic.


Horse Canada 2020 Annual

Posted by Scott On November - 12 - 2019

The Horse Canada 2020 Annual is set to hit newsstands on December 2nd, 2019.

Art Director Sieu Truong has created another elegant, sophisticated, warm and approachable cover for this year’s biggest issue.

The cover price was raised to $9.95.

Last year’s 2019 Horse Annual  was the 2nd best-seller of all time, with sales up 11%.

The 2016 Horse Annual is still the all-time best-seller.


Posted by Scott On October - 30 - 2019

The Winter 2019 Legion SIP is set to hit newsstands on November 4th, 2019.

Art Director Jason Duprau has created another masterful cover.

Priced at $14.95, this breath-taking issue makes the perfect Christmas gift.



Riel’s Rebellion Rocks It

Posted by Scott On October - 2 - 2019

The Oct/Nov issue of Canada’s History will be hard to miss on Canada’s newsstands.

Art Director James Gillespie has created a radiantly golden warm cover, that went on sale Sep 23rd.

Here’s what James had to say about the cover:

“We wanted to go with a bold cover color to contrast the Black and white photo. We added a bit of antique texture to complement the age of the photo which had a fair amount of visual noise due to the age and quality of the photo. It was important to have Riel’s portrait be large enough to be placed over the masthead but still be able to maintain the masthead’s legibility. We chose to use a bold stacked type that gave prominence to Riel’s name. The process ended up yielding a strong cover.”

Block Planes Rock

Posted by Scott On September - 12 - 2019

Canadian Woodworking celebrates a classic tool (the Block Plane) in their Oct/Nov 2019 issue.

It goes on sale September 16th, 2019.

Art Director Jonathan Cresswell-Jones has created a moody, evocative tribute cover sure to stir the souls of woodworking enthusiasts.

Other notable techniques include:

  • Strong Sky Bar treatment
  • Free Poster call out
  • Top 10 Button

Canadian Woodworking has posted gains in newsstand sales for 17 of the past 22 covers…a truly incredible 4-year performance!


Posted by Scott On August - 12 - 2019

The Legion‘s 3rd SIP of 2019 hit newsstands last week.

Art Director Jason Duprau and his team have created another “hard-to-miss” cover for this spectacular SIP.

The breath-taking image, combined with a bold type treatment, and a clean and uncluttered feel really delivers a powerful punch.

It’s priced at $14.95.

Superior Weed

Posted by Scott On June - 12 - 2019

The Jul/Aug 2019 issue of Maximum Yield Cannabis is now on newsstands.

Art Director Dionne Hurd has created another breath-taking cover that really hits hard.

This is our 5th issue since launching on newsstands in Canada, and the USA.

Sales have been excellent so far, matching or beating the venerable Best of High Times SIP’s in Canada.  Plus, expansion is coming with our next issue in the USA!



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