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Covers Sell

2020 Swimsuit Issue…and the verdict is?

Posted by Scott On December - 16 - 2020ADD COMMENTS

The 2020 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue results are in.  This year’s issue was pushed by the SI spin doctors as important and groundbreaking, in a desperate attempt to remain relevant.  Why?  Well, because the brand was going to be featuring their first transsexual bikini model!  Plus, as an added bonus, their PR team pushed their coverage of obese women in bikinis.  So how did that work out?  Did the gushing, free media coverage earn them legions of new customers lining up to plunk down their hard-earned cash?  Or did it send their core audience of red-blooded pig dog dudes running for the hills?

You be the judge.  In chronological order from 2015 to 2020…

“The 23-year-old Brazilian beauty was just named a 2020 Rookie for the upcoming issue (on stands July 21), which marks the first time the iconic magazine has featured a transgender model.”

Valentina Sampaio was photographed by Josie Clough in Scrub Island, BVI. Swimsuit by TRIANGL.

And for the third year in a row Sports Illustrated featured the “world’s curviest” plus size model.

In Canada the sales were:

2015:  33,059 copies sold, worth $297,200

2016:  28,770 copies sold, worth $258,600

2017:  30,986 copies sold, worth $309,550

2018:  18,239 copies sold, worth $182,208

2019:  15,795 copies sold, worth $157,792

2020:  7,063 copies sold, worth $77,622…down 55.3%.



Toronto Life Quiz (Pick the Best)

Posted by Scott On December - 10 - 2020ADD COMMENTS

Take the Quiz.  Guess which of the 3 top-selling covers of 2019 was the best for Toronto Life.

Answers will be provided below.

Pan down to get answers.  No cheating now.


Jan 2019                                       Apr 2019                                   Jul 2019

Answers Below.

Don’t look yet.

Are you sure of your guess?




If you guessed Jul 2019 was the best you’d be correct…Juicy Gossip on High Profile Family…so much fun.  Irresistible!

If you guessed Jan 2019 was second best you’d be correct…Self Indulgence…count me in.  That sounds like fun too.

If you guessed Apr 2019 was third best you’d be correct…Mouth-watering food…yum…a staple for Toronto Life fans like me.


2021 Property Forecast SIP

Posted by Scott On December - 9 - 2020ADD COMMENTS

The 2021 Property Forecast, published by Canadian Real Estate Wealth, is set to hit newsstands soon.

This annual publication is a “bible” for anyone invested in or interested in real estate.

Art Director Marla Morelos has created a winning cover that is sure to stimulate strong sales.

The real estate market is hot again with low interest rates stimulating sales, so watch for this one!

Cover price is $9.95.


1000 Miles of Snow Trails

Posted by Scott On December - 2 - 2020ADD COMMENTS

The Winter 2020 issue of Prairies North hit newsstands on November 29th, 2020.

This Canadian Gem, published in Saskatchewan, has been producing some fabulous lifestyle covers.

It helps explain how sales are up for this title, despite the challenges of Covid 19 lockdowns.


Make Ornaments

Posted by Scott On November - 26 - 2020ADD COMMENTS

The Dec/Jan 2021 issue of Canadian Woodworking went on sale November 22nd, 2020.

This time slot is ALWAYS our best selling period of the year.  And this year will be no exception.

Art Director Jonathan Cresswell-Jones has created a seasonally appropriate cover for woodworkers.

Look for special promotions at Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart locations.

Canadian Woodworking is on the most incredible roll I’ve ever seen in my 40 years in the business.  Sales will be up again in 2020 for the 6th consecutive year in a row.  During this period 25 of 36 issues have posted gains.


Battle of Verdun

Posted by Scott On November - 24 - 2020ADD COMMENTS

The Jan/Feb 2021 issue of Legion magazine is set to hit newsstands on December 28th, 2020.

Art Director Jennifer McGill has created a classic and haunting cover that will be hard to miss.

Look for our promotion at Shoppers Drug Mart locations.


Grow Big in Small Space

Posted by Scott On November - 19 - 2020ADD COMMENTS

The Jan/Feb 2021 issue of Maximum Yield Cannabis is set to hit newsstands on Dec 6th, 2020.

Art Director Dionne Hurd has created another electrifying cover.

Many interior design magazines do well with decorating in a small space, so why not apply the same concept to growing?

This Canadian gem is also selling well at Barnes & Noble and Books A Million in the USA.  Barnes & Noble just expanded the title to all stores given the brisk sales.

2021 Horse Annual

Posted by Scott On November - 12 - 2020ADD COMMENTS

The 2021 Horse Canada HORSE ANNUAL is set to hit newsstands Dec 7th, 2020.

This gorgeous SIP is perfect bound, thick thick thick, and printed on high quality stock.

Art Director Sieu Truong has created another incredibly stunning cover that is sure to keep up our tradition of excellent sales.

The magazine retails for $9.95.

Fly Fish LIKE a PRO

Posted by Scott On November - 5 - 2020ADD COMMENTS

The Winter 2021 issue of Fly Fusion is set to hit newsstands December 7th, 2020.

This time slot is ALWAYS the best for this title, as it makes a perfect Holiday gift.

Art Director Zach Silver has created a compelling and eye-catching cover on this issue that is packed with Expert Tips.

The magazine is perfect bound, thick, and printed on the highest quality stock.

Look for promotions at Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Lawrence of Arabia

Posted by Scott On November - 3 - 2020ADD COMMENTS

The Dec/Jan 2021 issue of Canada’s History is scheduled to go on sale November 23rd, 2020.

Art Director James Gillespie has created another “hard to miss” cover.

Cover subject centered and great eye contact.  Bold type treatment.  Clean and uncluttered.  A compelling story about an iconic subject matter.  And this time slot is historically our best producer.  So look for this one to sell big numbers.

Who knew that this legendary story was crafted in Canada?

Look for promotions at Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart.





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