Covers Sell

Covers Sell


Posted by Scott On October - 26 - 2021ADD COMMENTS

The November 2021 cover of Toronto Life is going to be hard to miss–or resist–on newsstands.

“For Toronto Life’s November cover story about therapeutic psychedelics, we didn’t want to use 60s/70s drug trip imagery. It would be too easy to depict hippies or crazy swirling bright colours and it wouldn’t give the story the gravity it deserves. Psychedelics are serious business now. We wanted to emphasize the medical, psychiatric and medicinal aspects of psychedelics today and make it feel current and contemporary. Toronto Life’s art director, Christine Dewairy, saw the potential immediately of a simple, dramatic, iconic mushroom. It’s elegant and powerful and has a poster-like quality. Plus the red works really nicely with our logo,” said Annie Gabrielian.

Cover price is $7.95 and on sale is Oct 25th.

The Poppy…100 Years of Remembrance

Posted by Scott On October - 21 - 2021ADD COMMENTS

The Nov/Dec 2021 issue of the Legion magazine is set to hit newsstands October 25th, 2021.

The Legion is having a nice year on the stands.

  • Jan/Feb…up 14%
  • Mar/Apr…up 38%
  • May/Jun…up 6%
  • Jul/Aug…up 8%.


Canadian Woodworking’s Record Breaking Year

Posted by Scott On October - 7 - 2021ADD COMMENTS

Canadian Woodworking is having another Record Breaking year in 2021.  This should come as no surprise, as sales have been going up every year since 2015.  During this period a staggering 24  of 36 covers bested their counterpart in the previous year.

  • 2015…sales up 12%
  • 2016…sales up 49%
  • 2017…sales up 21%
  • 2018…sales up 39%
  • 2019…sales up 17%
  • 2020…sales up 1% (despite Covid)

Now in 2021, 4 of 5 issues have set new sales records too.

  • Dec/Jan 2021 (Christmas Ornaments)…sales up 21%…and is the all-time best-selling issue!
  • Feb/Mar 2021 (Router)…sales up 39%…new record breaker for this time slot!
  • Jun/Jul 2021 (Small Shop)…sales up 68%…new record breaker for this time slot!
  • Aug/Sep 2021 (Beer Caddy)…sales up 25%…new record breaker for this time slot!

Art Director Jonathan Cresswell-Jones has another good one in the pipeline too to finish off the year!



Canadian Geographic on Fire in 2021

Posted by Scott On October - 6 - 2021ADD COMMENTS

Canadian Geographic magazine is enjoying an excellent year on the newsstand so far in 2021.

  • Jan/Feb 2021 (Wolverine) is up 21% from prior year
  • Mar/Apr 2021 (National Bird) is up 18% from prior year
  • May/Jun 2021 (Cougar) is up 24% from prior year
  • Jul/Aug 2021 (Sea Wolf) is up 39% from prior year

Look for more good news to come…as Art Director Javier Frutos has more goodies in the pipeline!

Playboy’s New Cover Man

Posted by Scott On October - 5 - 2021ADD COMMENTS

Playboy magazine (digital) has just made news by featuring their first gay man on the cover.

The magazine is celebrating their first-ever male cover model, beauty influencer Bretman Rock—and the media is hailing it as a milestone for the LGBTQ community.

The photo and accompanying video show Rock posing in Playboy’s traditional bunny costume, complete with requisite rabbit ears, bushy tail, and high heels.

Fall 2021 Scrapbooker

Posted by Scott On August - 27 - 2021ADD COMMENTS

The Fall 2021 issue of Creative Scrapbooker goes on sale August 30th, 2021, retailing for $12.95.

Despite the covid crisis of 2020, Creative Scrapbooker saw sales increase by 5%, with 3 of 4 issues posting gains.

This cover is particularly lively and fun!



Extracts Special

Posted by Scott On July - 29 - 2021ADD COMMENTS

The Sep/Oct issue of Maximum Yield Cannabis is set to hit newsstands on August 2nd, 2021.

Art Director Dionne Hurd has created another mind-blowing cover that simply can’t be ignored.

Maximum Yield Cannabis is selling briskly:

  • Jan/Feb 2021…up 49% from prior year
  • Mar/Apr 2021…up 37% from prior year
  • May/Jun 2021…up 126% from prior year

Watch this one sell too!

WildLife SIP

Posted by Scott On July - 15 - 2021ADD COMMENTS

Canadian Geographic’s annual Wildlife SIP is scheduled to hit newsstands on August 9th, 2021.

And, Canadian Geographic is about to invade the USA market for the first time with this stunning cover.  It will debut at Barnes & Noble!

Art Director Javier Frutos has created a breath-taking cover…that will freeze you in your tracks!

This annual SIP is always a strong seller, and this year’s “top predator” cover is sure to sell.

Look for our promotions at Loblaws and Presse Commerce.  It retails for $12.95.

Gold Rush

Posted by Scott On July - 8 - 2021ADD COMMENTS

The Aug/Sep issue of Canada’s History is set to hit newsstands on July 26th.

Art Director James Gillespie has created a timely cover that works hard to get noticed.

  • Clean and uncluttered
  • Bold Main Sell Line in best position
  • + Sign used to highlight other hooks

Despite Covid, Canada’s History saw sales improve in 2020 by 8% in units and 11% in revenue!

2022 Harrowsmith Almanac

Posted by Scott On June - 30 - 2021ADD COMMENTS

The 2022 Harrowsmith’s Almanac is set to hit newsstands in early August.

This year’s edition plays off the success of the 2021 edition, which sold-through at a Record Breaking high of 45%.

This Canadian Gem is sure to sizzle this year, as Art Director Meredith MacKinley slayed it again.


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