Covers Sell

Covers Sell

Esquire, Quiz 8

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Simply choose the cover that out sold the others.

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Esquire, Quiz 9

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Simply choose the cover that out sold the others.

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Esquire, Quiz 10

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Simply choose the cover that out sold the others.

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Fly Fusion – Lake Tactics Revealed

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Dealer coverage has expanded by 131% in Canada. Unit sales have increased by 246% from prior year. Newsstand revenues have spiked by 296% (price hike to $7.95). Our new cover treatments seem to be resonating with the Canadian Fly Fishing community.

Likewise, sales in the United States, where distribution expansion has yet to occur, have increased by 57.6%, without any retail promotional support.

This speaks to the quality of the magazine, which has upgraded cover stock, added perfect binding, created a new drop down box device in the upper right corner, and features visually stunning cover images with compelling, benefit-oriented cover lines and supporting sell lines.

Legion – Victory in Europe

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I can only imagine the joy, the pride, the sense of relief that soldiers, mothers, wives, sons and daughters must have felt on VE day. I’ve certainly heard the stories from my father, who served in the Infantry in Italy, and from my grandmother, whose other son, my uncle, served in the Navy and participated in the D-Day invasion.

This cover boldly captures those emotions in an elegant, less-is-more style.

This issue hit newsstands May 3rd, and is being promoted at Presse Commerce.

Canada’s History – Shell Shock

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The second issue, since re-branding from The Beaver to Canada’s History, is scheduled to hit newsstands May 24th.

Never before, in the magazine’s illustrious 90-year history, has the magazine employed such a bold typographical treatment on a full bleed cover background.

This important, controversial, sensitive, and compelling investigation into the rarely talked-about subject matter, is courageous editorially, and deserved an equally courageous cover treatment.

GardenMaking, Roses

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The Summer issue of Garden Making has just come off press. It will be going on sale May 17th.

This electrifying cover, featuring a classic image of iconic yellow Roses, passes the 3 second rule…do you quickly get what this issue is featuring?

This is what I like to call “committing to the cover.” It cuts through the clutter fast.

It also uses the cover real estate extremely effectively, on the left hand side, alternating supporting sell-line colors so the eye travels easily down the page.

The cover stock has been upgraded. And the issue is packed with information and mouth watering, heart-pumping advice for gardeners.

The issue has been aggressively promoted with many of Canada’s finest magazine retailers, and the distribution has been increased by 35%.

I smell a winner.

Nature’s Fury

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On my way to the airport this week  the taxi driver was tuned into the radio to check on possible traffic problems. The reporter, high above us in his helicopter, kept squawking about an accident on the east bound Expressway. Since nothing was mentioned about an accident on the west bound, making it to the airport on time seemed a safe bet.

Problem: Rubber Neckers

The helicopter guy failed to mention that drivers heading westbound were slowing down to have a look at the accident.

Perhaps recognizing that human beings are hard wired to be fascinated by disasters, National Geographic just came out with a new SIP: Nature’s Fury

Check it out if you want some tips on how to package an SIP.


Posted by Scott On April - 25 - 20101 COMMENT


Paul Jones (famous for his wit and wisdom) once brilliantly lamented the disconnect between covers that win National Magazine Awards in Canada and how they actually sell. How to win an award for Best Cover? The formula: just create a cover that is “Art with Logo”.

Using cover lines is usually a very good idea, if you want to sell.

But this cover, from one of Canada’s great magazines, Adbusters, will probably sell extremely well. We will check in a few months and report back the results.

House & Home Kitchens and Baths SIP

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House & Home Kitchen and Baths SIP

If you want to see how to do an SIP cover properly, rush out to your local newsstand and buy the new Special Interest Publication from Canadian House & Home…Kitchens & Baths.
This cover achieves the perfect trick of respecting and adding value to the mother brand, while carving out a powerful and sophisticated place of its own on the shelf.

The strong logo remains true to form. The Cover Slash adds value and visual appeal, and the benefit-oriented sell lines use the cover real estate extremely effectively…triangulating the eye to go where we want it to go.

Note the $7.95 premium cover price (regular issue of Canadian House & Home retails for $5.95) which SIP’s can comfortably command. Great value for this high quality magazine crammed with service ideas and time-and-money saving advice.


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