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Covers Sell

New Charlie Hebdo cover

Posted by Scott On January - 13 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

cover_of_the_week-125x125Everyone has been wondering, but now we know… Charlie Hebdo released their first cover since the mass murder of their staff. The normal press run is about 60,000.   This one is planned to be 3 million.

The cover shows the prophet shedding a tear and holding up a sign reading “Je suis Charlie” in sympathy with the dead journalists. The headline says “All is forgiven”.

Zineb El Rhazoui, a surviving staffer at Charlie Hebdo magazine who worked on the new issue, said the cover was a call to forgive the terrorists who murdered her colleagues last week.  She also said she did not feel hate towards the brothers Kouachi, despite their deadly attack , and urged Muslims to accept humour.

“We don’t feel any hate to them. We know that the struggle is not with them as people, but the struggle is with an ideology,” she told BBC Radio.

This cover is sure to become the best-selling issue ever of the magazine.  More importantly is strikes the perfect tone.


post massacre

Nothing Funny about Charlie Hebdo

Posted by Scott On January - 9 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

news_green-125x125Trying to make sense out of the senseless.

What kind of person murders cartoonists and editors?

Not Jewish Jihadists.

Not Buddhist Extremists.

Not Hindu Radicals.

Not Methodist Militants.

Not the Morman Tabernacle Choir Terrorists.

These are not terms with which we are familiar. Let’s not forget the be-headings of journalists and aid workers too.  Or 9-11.  Or the Boston Marathon Bombing. The attack of Parliament Hill.

Charlie Hebdo is an equal opportunity offender of religions.  Unfortunately, their freedom of speech was not free…they paid the ultimate price.

The gruesome mass murder of our colleagues in print is an attack on all of us in the publishing business, as it strikes at the heart of one of our most core and cherished values…freedom of speech.

The brave, and prophetic quote by Charlie Hebdo Editor Stephaine Charbonnier, “I’d rather die standing then spend my life on my knees,” is a painful reminder that sadly in the 21st century we live in a world where satire can cost you your life. No one is laughing now.

And how sad that in France, the birthplace of Voltaire, who said, “I do not agree with what you say, but I’ll defend your right to say it,” such an atrocity has taken place.

Not affraidcharlie


Brutal Murders at Paris Magazine Charlie Hebdo

Posted by Scott On January - 7 - 2015ADD COMMENTS

news_green-125x125Many of you may recall a post I made regarding the French satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo, when they published quite a controversial cover.  This decision, sadly, has now resulted in the brutal murders of 12 people at the magazine, according to many news reports.  At the time, According to a report by CNN, Parisian newsstand kiosks sold out of the magazine almost instantly.


The magazine’s editor, and a fomer cartoonist named Stephane Charbonnier, denied he was being deliberately provocative at a delicate time, according to a report by SkyNews.

“The freedom of the press, is that a provocation?” he said. “I’m not asking strict Muslims to read Charlie Hebdo, just like I wouldn’t go to a mosque to listen to speeches that go against everything I believe.”

The French satirical magazine’s offices were firebombed in the past (November 2011) when they published another controversial cover.




Dinos Rule

Posted by Scott On December - 29 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

cover_of_the_week-125x125National Geographic magazine continues to impress with SIPS that are premium priced.

The book is over-sized (10 3/4 X 8 1/2) and retails for $17.99 in Canada.

(Bipad 10096 #47)



Azure Houses 2015

Posted by Scott On December - 22 - 20141 COMMENT

cover_of_the_week-125x125The January 2015 issue of Azure arrived just in time for Christmas.  The annual Houses issue is always delicious.

Sofiola Papadhimitri, Azure’s Circulation Director says:  “AZURE’s Annual Houses Issue features five spectacular residences, from a historic Canadian home in Vancouver to a timeless Portuguese casa. Plus: Frank Gehry’s fashionable foundation for LVMH, showstoppers from London Design Week and Cersaie in Bologna, and the best in dining furniture and wireless speakers.”

“This is AZURE’s best selling issue of the year, year after year featuring a contemporary house on the cover. This year we opted for a minimalist design, a residence that simply keeps with the traditional house shape, very symbolic and simple. The cover line was treated in bright gradient color, set against a starry sky, in large font to catch the eye. The idea is to trigger curiosity. The interior of the house is brightly illuminated, inviting you to take a peak inside.”

The Art Director is Karen Simpson.

Jan 2015 (Small)


Cover Awards 2015

Posted by Scott On December - 15 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

news_green-125x125The 2015 Canadian Cover Awards will begin accepting nominations January 6th, 2015.  The deadline to enter the awards is January 26, 2015.

The Canadian Cover Awards/Grands prix canadiens – Meilleures couvertures, are the only awards of their kind in Canada, celebrating the importance of magazine covers in Canadian single copy sales.

There will be 8 different awards categories, plus the Newsstand Marketer of the Year award.  Click here for details:  eight award categories

Winners will be announced at an awards reception on February 24, 2015 at the Courtyard Downtown in Toronto.

About the Awards
The Canadian Cover Awards/Grands prix canadiens – Meilleures couvertures are produced by the Circulation Management Association of Canada and Magazines Canada, with the support of marketing sponsor Covers Sell; design sponsor K9Strategy + Design; promotional retail sponsor Gateway Newsstands; Small Magazine Prize Sponsor Presse Commerce and reception sponsor and Newsstand Marketer of the Year presenting sponsor, the Alliance for Audited Media

Read about what information you’ll need to submit before making an entry.  Then enter to win!



Winter Fun

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cover_of_the_week-125x125The January 2015 issue of Toronto Life hit newsstands on December 11th, 2014.  The cover feature is “The Winter Hater’s Guide to Loving Winter” with a round up of insider tips on the best things to eat, drink, wear, see and do to get through (and maybe even love) the most hated season of all.

“Lola, our cover star, was photographed by Daniel Ehrenworth, and is showcasing one of the tips from the guide—where to get designer puppy parkas!”, says Yen Tran, Marketing Manager.

Toronto Life‘s job, in part, is to help readers love their city, which is a little harder to do in winter. So for the January issue package, we rounded up a bunch of surprising ideas for how to enjoy snow-covered Toronto. We mocked up many covers with different images: ice skating, hot chocolate, even a polar bear. But none of the images seemed urban enough. The package is full of pleasures that are unique to city living, like heated patios and high-end saunas. We wanted the cover to suggest all that. And what could be more urban than a dog in a designer jacket? Also, dogs are cute!” – Sarah Fulford, Editor-in-Chief.

I’m not normally a fan of using pets on covers, but this one is fun and makes sense given the quirky spin the cover feature takes on the benefits of winter.

Jan 2015


Wolf 2015

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The Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Canadian Geographic is on press and set to hit newsstands soon.  Here’s what Editor Aaron Kylie said on his blog about the cover: “When it comes to Canadian Geographic wildlife covers, it’s statistically proven that predators sell — particularly bears and wolves. (Indeed, our bestselling cover ever, December 2009, featured a wolf.) So when we decided a wolf would grace the cover of our January/February edition, our annual wildlife issue, we had no doubt we’d have great options to choose from, and hopefully another bestseller on our hands.” The Art Director is Javiar Frutos. Jan 2015 (Small)   And here is the best-selling cover ever for Canadian Geographic: Dec 2009

Holiday Special from CH&H

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cover_of_the_week-125x125Canadian House & Home continues with its fine tradition of producing high-quality Special Interest Publications.

This Holiday issue sells for$13.95.

The regular CH&H continues to out-sell Martha Stewart Living in Canada.


This cover is as mouth-watering and heart-warming as you can get!

Look for this one to sell!

Holiday 2014 (Small)

Brothers In Arms

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The Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Legion Magazine is set to hit newsstands December 29th, 2014.

The cover story  is written by 9-time National Magazine Award award-winning writer and novelist Don Gillmor.  It’s a heart-breaking stories of twins, who are both serving overseas in WW1.

Acclaimed writer Don Gillmor’s grandfather shipped out from Winnipeg in February 1918 and arrived in France a month later for his first taste of trench warfare. On Oct. 15, he was struck by two German bullets. His twin brother, in another trench just 50 kilometres away, was hit by a sniper’s shot on Nov. 11. As the Great War came to a close, one would perish, and one would survive. Read this family story of brothers-in-arms in the January/February 2015 issue of Legion Magazine.

Jason Duprau is the Art Director.



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