Covers Sell

Covers Sell


Posted by Scott On May - 5 - 2010

Interesting Articles:  Click on Links Below

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  8. Stamping out Controversy (Masthead, September/October 2006)
  9. A Textbook Case of Nailing it: Walrus Launch (Masthead, January/February 2007)
  10. Circ Watch 2005 (Masthead, April 2005)
  11. Hooked on Controlled Circulation (Masthead, February 2005)
  12. If Magazine Writers went on Strike, would anybody care? (Masthead, January/February 2008)
  13. Remembering a Champion: Terri De Rose (Masthead, July/August 2007)
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  15. Saskatchewan Success (Masthead, March/April 2008)
  16. Publishers: Mark Your Turf (Masthead, November/December 2005)
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  19. The Wisdom of the Crowd: Canadian Geographic (Masthead, May/June 2008)
  20. Are we Marketers or Masochists (Newsstand Resource, Summer 2003)
  21. Circ Watch 2008 The Ever Changing Newsstand (Masthead, November/December 2007)
  22. A Few Modest Proposals (Masthead, January/February 2006)
  23. Making the Call: Telemarketing might be annoying (Masthead, September/October 2007)
  24. Put Your Circ to Work: Dream big, plan smart (Template, 2006)
  25. Newsstand Demand (Template 2010)

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