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Fly Fusion Cover Metamorphasis

Posted by Scott On October - 28 - 2011

Fly Fusion is a quarterly fly fishing magazine aimed at enthusiasts.  Launched from their Calgary office in 2006, the magazine has attracted a passionate and fiercely loyal subscriber base.  However, by 2008, newsstand growth that was once robust had flat-lined in 2009. was asked to join the team, with a goal of helping Fly Fusion become the #1 Fly Fishing magazine in Canada.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Expand Dealer coverage in Canada to be the market leader in visibility and availability
  • Invest in Perfect Binding
  • Invest in enhanced Cover Stock
  • Add Drop Down box to pop a featured “hook”
  • Focus on stronger Typography
  • Focus on Main Sell line and play it up aggressively
  • Add benefit-oriented supporting sell lines for other features
  • Raise cover price from already aggressive $6.95 price point, to $7.95 to reflect value of packaging enhancements…a 14.4% increase
  • Promote aggressively at Retail as if it were a Launch
  • Particular focus on Ontario, Alberta, and BC
  • Do a Cover Test…One for the Canadian Market, the other for the U.S. Market
  • Launch all this in our best time slot, Winter, on sale November 23rd 2009


Dealer Coverage expanded from 1,278 to 2,953, an increase of 1,675 dealers or a 131% expansion.  We became the market leader over all other Fly Fishing titles, domestic, U.S-based, and foreign, in terms of product visibility

Canadian newsstand sales best ever!  Sales increased from 1,295 copies (same issue prior year) to 4,487, an increase of 246%.

Canadian newsstand revenue increased (thanks in part to the higher cover price) from $9,000 to $35,672 gross newsstand dollars, an increase of $26,672 or a 296% improvement.

Despite distributing more copies, our sell-through efficiency held strong at our historic average

In the dangerous U.S. Market, where few Canadian magazines dare to go, we also achieved a record-breaking newsstand sale.  We sold 4,024 copies, up from 2,554 copies on the same issue in 2008, an increase of 1,470 copies or a 57.6% increase.

U.S. newsstand revenue increased from $17,750 to $31,991 in gross newsstand dollars, an increase of 180%.

We sold through at our best rate since 2007…52.3%…our second highest efficiency ever achieved since launching

No Drop Down Box                              Drop Down Box
Logo Centered                                 Logo Moved to Left
No Value Equation to Tag Line                 New Tag line
No Main Sell Line                             Aggressive type and bold colors
No Hierarchy of supporting hooks              Hierarchy of supporting hooks
Saddle Stitched                               Perfect Bound
Thin Cover Stock                              Thick Cover Stock
$6.95 Cover Price                             $7.95 Cover Price
Very Artistic                                 Benefit-Oriented

In 2010, Canadian newsstand revenues increased by 167% for the year, or $64,000, with sales increasing by 139% in units.   In the U.S. market, newsstand revenue increased 22% for the year, or $16,300, with sales increasing by 11% in units.


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