Covers Sell

Covers Sell

Fly Fusion Wins Gold

Posted by Scott On October - 28 - 2011

Fly Fusion is a quarterly fly fishing magazine aimed at enthusiasts.  Published out of their Calgary office since 2006, the magazine has attracted a passionate and fiercely loyal following.   Fly Fusion also sells extremely well on U.S. newsstands, a rare feat for a Canadian-based publication.

Having achieved our primary goal of becoming the #1 Fly Fishing title in Canada early in the year, our focus shifted to maximizing newsstand profitability.  The objective with this cover was to make the “Macho Man” cover so compelling, that we could cut back on retail promotions entirely, drastically cut back on our printing and shipping costs, still sell more copies and do so more efficiently.  A tall order and risky strategy perhaps, but…



Best Selling issue ever!  This issue sold more copies than any of the previous 21 issues published since launching in 2006


This record-breaking unit sales result was achieved despite cutting the draw by 5,520 copies or a 33% reduction to the draw in Canada

This issue sold 4,560 copies in Canada, on a draw of 11,240 for a 41% sell through.  The same issue last year sold 4,368 copies on a draw of 16,760 for a 26% sell through

This issue had the best sell-through efficiency ever achieved since launching in 2006


This issue proves that the power of a great brand, great subject matter, and an outstanding cover can result in the most profitable outcome ever!

The issue was named the Gold Winner at the 2011 Canadian Newsstand Awards (Sports & Leisure)


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