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SIP Sells: Quebec 400

Posted by Scott On October - 28 - 2011

Back in 2004, The Beaver (now Canada’s History Magazine) was selling an average of 700 copies per issue at a $5.95 cover price.

Halfway through the 2005 year, we began working on improving newsstand sales, which included a new, re-designed cover template for the 85th Anniversay issue of the publication.  By the end of 2005, we were averaging a sale of 1,302 copies per issue…an increase of 69%.

In 2006, sales increased to an average of 2,160 copies per issue, up 66%.  Plus, we took the cover price up to $6.95, so revenues increased by 87%.

In 2007, sales jumped again, to 2,485 copies per issue, a further 15% improvement in unit sales, and revenue improved by 19%.

In 2008, we decided to publish our first ever SIP (Special Interest Publication) celebrating Quebec’s 400th Anniversary.  We ramped up the quality, including perfect binding for the first time ever and we increased the page count to 102 pages from our normal 66 pages.  Most importantly, we offered the publication in both English and French languages.

The French edition sold 8,889 copies on a draw of 12,081, for a sell-through of 74%.  The English edition sold 4,696 on a draw of 11,882, for a sell-through of 40%.  Total, the Feb/Mar SIP sold 13,585 copies at a 57% efficiency, and generated $135,171 gross newsstand dollars on this one special issue.  The issue one the Canadian Newsstand Award for Best Retail.

In just four years, copies sold improved by 540%, and newsstand revenue increased by 796%.


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