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Untapped Launched

Posted by Scott On July - 27 - 2015

news_green-125x125Michael Brooke, Publisher of Concrete Wave (a Canadian Skateboarding magazine, successfully published for 16 years), has decided to launch a new magazine…Untapped.  The first issue (Summer 2015) is now available in the Toronto/Hamilton area, with 5,000 copies printed and distributed to controlled outlets such as Health Food stores, local shops, events, art galleries, festivals.

Here’s what their press release has to say about the editorial thrust of the magazine:

“UNTAPPED explores ways in which people can find flow. It’s a topic that many are intrigued by, but few really know much about. By capturing the spirit of remarkable people, places and things, UNTAPPED is a resource to inspire people to find flow in their lives.”

What makes this interesting is the business proposition that Michael Brooke is offering.  Brooke is seeking to find Publishers in other markets across Canada who want to establish their own franchise.  Nova Scotia has already been snapped up.  For just $2,500 per issue, Brooke supplies 5,000 copies of a 32-page magazine.  The local publishers are responsible for selling the Back Cover, Inside Back Cover, and Inside front cover to advertisers in their territory.  Brooke will provide customized front covers if requested.  And if the local publishers wish to sell more local ads, an additional 8 page form will be printed for an extra $2,500, which can feature stories on local people and places.  Brooke gets a 10% royalty on all ads sold.

So if you are looking for your own publication, that gives you the ability to grow it at your own pace…this might be an opportunity worth exploring.


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