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Covers Sell

People Weekly’s Best-Selling Cover of 2014

Posted by Scott On June - 12 - 2015

check_mark_125x125Back on August 20th, 2014, I blogged enthusiastically about People Weekly‘s fabulous cover tribute to Robin Williams (on sale in Canada August 18th, 2014) as Cover of the Week.

The cover was handled with great dignity and respect given the comic’s tragic demise.

In Canada, this cover sold 114,674 copies at a 58% sell-through efficiency.  It was by far the best-selling issue of the year in Canada for People Weekly.

The issue prior to it sold 84,531 copies.  The issue following it sold 89,811 copies.  The overall average sale in 2014 for every other issue of People was 71,993 copies.

So it sold 30,143 more copies than the issue prior to it, a 36% lift.  It sold 24,863 more copies than the issue after it, a 28% lift.  It sold 42,681 more copies than the overall average issue in 2014, a 59% lift.

The second highest seller in 2014 was the September 8th, 2014, issue featuring The Jolle-Pitt Family Wedding Album, which sold 98,866 copies, on sale September 8th, 2014.  So Robin Williams out sold this great cover by 15,808 copies, a 16% lift.



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