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Azure’s 30th Anniversary

Posted by Scott On April - 15 - 2015

cover_of_the_week-125x125Azure’s 30th Anniversary cover is noteworthy.  Here’s what Editor, Catherine Osborne has to say about the issue:


About a year ago, the conversation at the office started to turn toward the 30th anniversary issue and we were wondering what we could do that wasn’t a look back. At the same time, we started to realize how much Toronto was hitting its stride, and still is. Hundreds of condos are going up (some better than others), the waterfront is becoming a new city within the city, and Union Station is about to become an impressive entrance to the city — something that has been lacking for years. Toronto is also thriving culturally with incredible restaurants, museums and talented, ambitious designers who are emerging in almost every field. So, it became obvious to us that the issue should celebrate the city where the magazine began 30 years ago. Toronto certainly isn’t the same place it was in 1985.


Azure magazine is a real success story in Canada. It was one of only a few independent magazines in the country, and the only design and architecture magazine with an international following. Its success rests with its founders, Editorial Director Nelda Rodger and Publisher Sergio Sgaramella. They are the ones with vision and foresight to keep it going from strength to strength.  For the 30th anniversary, we created an online-only digital journal that traces 30 years of design, from 1985 to now. The 34-page publications is viewable on our website, and e-subscribers will find it is an added bonus in their online issue.


For the cover, it was amazing to use images by roof topper Tom Ryaboi. On the streets of Toronto, you don’t always realize how dense and how high the city has become. Ryaboi’s shots are taken from the tops of some of the highest buildings (often illegally) and are incredibly daring and inspiring. He really captures the power and beauty of a city on the rise. The cover image is shot from the top of L Tower by Daniel Libeskind, at the foot of Yonge and Front streets. From that view, you can see the roof of the Hockey Hall of Fame and Union Station to the left.

30th Anniversary (Small)


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