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Posted by admin On February - 7 - 2014

The new statistics for the July–December 2013 audit period have been released by the Alliance for Audited Media (formally ABC).

Very few good news stories to report this year.

Overall Canadian magazines posted an average sale of 1,113,912 units sold compared to 1,267,518 a year ago, for a loss of 153,606, or a 12.1% decline.

Canadian magazines reporting newsstand sales increases from prior year is dominated by French language titles and include:

  1. Elle Canada up by an average of 6,111 per issue
  2. Derniere Heure up 5,878
  3. Moi & Cie up 2,885
  4. The Hockey News up 2,028
  5. L’Actualite up 1,571
  6. Les Idees De Ma Masion up 1,533
  7. Yoopa up 1,453
  8. Les Affaires up 1,285
  9. Maclean’s up 585
  10. Chatelaine French up 517
  11. Style at Home up 461
  12. Lou Lou Votre Guide Shopping up 211
  13. Bel Age up 201
  14. Fashion up 186
  15. Canada’s History up 79

The new report also lists the top Canadian Publications for Digital Replicas:

  1. Readers Digest English…34,117
  2. Canadian House & Home…11,045
  3. Maclean’s…7,807
  4. Selection Readers Digest…6,035
  5. Chatelaine…5,590
  6. MoneySense…5,148
  7. Canadian Living…5,015
  8. Hello!…4,401
  9. Coupe De Pouce…3,613
  10. Les Affaires…3,579
  11. The Hockey News…3,533
  12. A+…3,470
  13. Fashion…3,309
  14. Toronto Life…3,176
  15. Style at Home…2,718

The Top Sellers at Newsstand on average sale are:

  1. Canadian Living…104,676
  2. Chatelaine…91,180
  3. Canadian House & Home…78,217
  4. Hello!…61,418
  5. 7 Jours…49,417

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