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Covers Sell

Do Bears = Johnny Depp?

Posted by Scott On December - 7 - 2012

I was asked recently, “If Polar Bears are to Canadian Geographic what Brad Pitt  is to Esquire, what about Grizzly and Brown Bears?  Are they like Johnny Depp?”

Good question.  Let’s take a look, first at Canadian Geographic, then at British Columbia magazine:

Nov/Dec 2008:  Best-seller in 2008.  This issue sold 42% more copies than the average of the other five issues that year.  Third best-seller ever in the magazines’ history.

Nov/Dec 2003:  Best-seller in 2003.  This issue sold 28% more copies than the average of the other five issues that year.

Mar/Apr 2001:  Highest sell-through efficiency (49%) in 2001.

Jan/Feb 1997:  Highest sell-through efficiency (46%) in 1997.

Spring 2008:  Beat average for the year by 10%…2nd best cover that year

Fall 2004:  Beat average for the year by 12%…2nd best cover that year

Summer 2001:  Beat average for the year by 30%…best cover that year

Summer 1997:  Beat average for the year by 8%…2nd best cover that year

And yes, pressing this further, Wolves = Angelina Joile and Cougars = Jennifer Anniston

Rule #30:  If it works, keep doing it

Rule #20:  Be Sexy

Every magazine has its celeberities, who or what are yours?

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