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Covers Sell

Really? Is it Just Me?

Posted by Scott On December - 6 - 2012

Last week NOW “referenced” TIME magazines’ classic X cover treatment.  This week NOW appears to be “referencing” New York magazine.  Appears to be a lot of “referencing” going on.–now-magazine-cover-featuring-rob-ford-compared-to-time-s-cover-of-hitler

Remember the recent firestorm over Margaret Wente, and her, uh, alleged “plagiarisim” at the Globe & Mail?   I guess this just proves that there is a higher (read: double)  standard for The Globe & Mail (Wente) and Maclean’s (Bonhome cover) then there is for NOW.  Or perhaps it could be that NOW has become irrelevant and a parody of itself.

Check out the similiarities below:

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