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Rotman…New Look!

Posted by Scott On August - 22 - 2012

Rotman magazine has a new look!

Rotman Management Review is published three times per year by the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.  For the past decade, the Rotman School has been developing ‘a new way to think’ about leadership, and Rotman magazine reflects the School’s mission to shape the mindset of the modern leader. First published for alumni of the school, the magazine’s audience has expanded in recent years to include paid subscribers, business leaders and journalists worldwide.

Now, with ambitious plans to expand their newsstand reach in both Canada and the U.S., K9 Design and have been working with the publisher on a bold new look.

“As the Sales & Circulation Associate at Rotman Management Review, I’m excited to be working with Scott Bullock, K9 Design, and Coast to Coast, to increase our circulation onto newsstands with our graphic new cover,” says Kate Mills.

Editor-in-Chief Karen Christensen says, “As we begin to expand our reach on North American newsstands, we needed a more commercial version of our cover for the newsstand segment.  K9 Design has created a bold look that will enable us to stand proud on newsstands alongside our aspirational peer group, which includes Harvard Business Review, strategy+business, and Fast Company.”

K9’s Creative Director Norm Lournco says, “Our approach to this cover was one with great respect. The cover was already well known in its niche market. The logo for the nameplate had to remain the same so we worked with all of the other elements available to us that we could affect change with. Introducing large, bold cover lines, call out boxes, typography hierarchy and a fresh colour palette will increase visibility in a very heavily populated category. I think the resulting cover is a great reflection of staying true to the Rotman brand while giving it enough punch to amp -up the call to action on stands.”

As for me, it’s an honour to participate in the re-design of a new cover treatment for Rotman Management Review. The new look and feel is bold, business-like, and smart, and will help propel us to an aggreessive re-launch through the wholesale supply channel, in both Canada and key U.S. markets, later in the year. The magazine will be priced to compete head-to-head against the Harvard Business Review.

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