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Covers Sell

Vogue Covers…Take the Quiz

Posted by Scott On March - 7 - 2018

Vogue had a tough year in Canada in 2017…with 11 of 12 issues posting losses.  Sales were down over 17% for the year.

As always, some issues did better than others.  See if you can guess which ones sold more or less.

Which of these 4 Covers was the best-seller in 2017 in Canada?

Better yet, try ranking them from #1 to #4.

  • Get none right…you are a Dunce
  • Get #1 right…you graduate High School
  • Get #1 & #2 right…you graduate University
  • Get all 4 in order…Masters Degree


Mar 2017                                    Jun 2017

Sep 2017                                     Oct 2017

Don’t look yet!

Don’t cheat!

Scrowl down for Answers…

Answers below:



#1  Sep 2017…125th Anniversary…sold 34,177 copies.  (And raised price to $9.99 from $5.99…a 67% price hike!)

#2  Mar 2017…Women Rule…sold 19,028 copies  (2nd best of year)

#3  Oct 2017…Fall Fashion…sold 11,945

#4  Jun 2017…Elle Fanning…sold just 9,775 copies


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