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Covers Sell

National Geographic Quiz (Test Yourself)

Posted by Scott On July - 14 - 2017

Quiz_ShowTest your knowledge of National Geographic covers.  Which of these 4 Covers was the best-seller in 2016 in Canada?  The answer may surprise you!

Better yet, try ranking them from #1 to #4, with the 4th being the worst-seller of the year.

  • Get none right…you are a Dunce.
  • Get #1 right…you graduate High School
  • Get #1 & #2 right…you graduate University
  • Get all 4 in order…Masters Degree

And try your luck at the Bonus Question at the end!

Feb 2016                                                   Aug 2016

2016 Feb2016 Aug


Oct 2016                                                   Nov 2016

2016 Oct2016 Nov

Don’t look yet!

Don’t cheat!

Scrowl down for Answers…

Answers below:

Bonus Question:  How did the Mar 2017 issue sell compared to these?

2017 Mar



#1:  Feb 2016…Under London…sold 18,932 copies   (Still lots of Brits in Canada)

#2  Aug 2016…DNA…sold 15,757 copies  (Science works, bold type treatment)

#3  Nov 2016…MARS…sold 14,723   (Science works, bold type treatment)

#4  Oct 2016…Back to Nature…sold just 8,544 copies   (Topless girls a no no with National Geo crowd)

Bonus Question Answer:

If you guessed it was the best of all, you are right.  This beauty sold 21,422 copies, up 110% from prior year’s issue!   (Bad Boys Sell)



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