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Posted by Scott On July - 29 - 2016

The Fall 2016 issue of Rotman Management magazine will be hard to miss.

Circulation Manager, Kate Mills, has packed in 12 different hooks, plus the main selling feature.

Nice use of the sky bar space.  The color yellow helps direct the eye down the page.

Final Fall 2016 Cover (Small)

Fly Fusion’s New Cover

Posted by Scott On July - 26 - 2016

The Fall 2016 issue of Fly Fusion is scheduled to hit newsstands August 22nd, 2016.

This cover is a great example of what we call a “Top Predator” cover, which shows an angler in action, doing what they love best.

It’s also a good example of what we call a “Poster” cover.

It also is the first time a female angler has been used for the cover.  But here’s what publisher Jennifer Bird, had to say about this cover:

We fully realize that any time a woman angler graces the cover of a magazine or makes an appearance in a film or TV show, it becomes a topic for conversation.  The publisher/producer gets a hearty pat on the back for their contribution to showing equality or a thumbs up for reaching out to women in an attempt to grow the sport.  

But in all honesty, we haven’t put a woman on the cover in 51 issues for precisely this reason.  We have no interest in using our publication for this purpose.  Fly Fusion is a magazine for anglers passionate about fly fishing.  We want it to grow your addiction to the sport, to develop skills or techniques that enhance your ability to fool that elusive trout (or steelhead, bass, tarpon, insert favourite species here), to take you to another place, to escape.

One of the ways we do this is by showing badass anglers on breathtaking waters in images shot by the best photographers in our industry.  And this issue is no exception.  Timbre is the real deal.  So – if you flip to the contents page to see what feature we are running about women in the sport of fly fishing, you may be disappointed, there isn’t one.  But, if you want to land some huge browns on a monster streamer this fall, you’re in luck, we’ve got you covered!

2016 Fall (Small)

New SIP from Legion

Posted by Scott On July - 13 - 2016

The third of five SIPs from the Legion Magazine this year is set to hit newsstands on August 8th, 2016.  As we often do, we have two covers, one for the front of the magazine, and one for the back, so it can be displayed either way, or with double facings to show both covers.

The issue retails for $14.95.

Art Director Jason Duprau chose gritty archival images to provide the realistic context for the the content.


WarStoriesFC (Small)

WarStoriesBC (Small)

Radio Interview (Niche Magazines Rule)

Posted by Scott On July - 5 - 2016

news_green-125x125On Sunday, July 3rd, 2016, I appeared on Mark Towhey’s radio show on CFRB News Talk 1010.

Mark contacted me through the offices of Magazines Canada, to discuss the current market conditions for magazines.

A self described “magazine junky”, Mark’s first question had to do with Men’s Magazines, and specifically regarding how Playboy was doing since dropping nudity.

The link to the radio interview is here:

In Canada in 2014, Playboy sold  71,262 copies.  In 2015 they sold just 50,830 copies, down 29%.  The time for a change had finally arrived.  In March of 2016 Playboy decided to drop nudity.  That issue was up 24% from the same slot last year, selling 5,658 copies in Canada.  It should be noted that the last issue WITH nudity, January 2016, was up 149% from prior year.  The cover featured Canadian Pamela Anderson.  It sold-thru at an astounding 72%.   Dealer coverage has expanded in Canada now that there is no nudity (up 28% effective with the June 2016 issue).

2016 Mar (first issue no nudity)2016 Jan (Last issue with nudity)

We also discussed the fact that many niche magazines are actually thriving these days.  Here are just a few examples of Canadian magazines that are doing great.

Niche Magazines Rule:

  1. Canadian Antiques & Vintage:  Sales up 92% in 2015.  Best Year Ever!  Sales up 189% since 2008.
  2. Canadian Cycling:  Sales up 11% in 2015.  Best Year Ever!   Sales up 50% since launching in 2010.
  3. Canada’s History:  Sales up 40% in 2015.  Best Year Ever!  4 of 6 issues broke sales records.  Sales up 506% since 2004.
  4. Creative Scrapbooker:  Sales up 14% in 2015.  Now distributing in the USA too!
  5. Dirt Trax:  Sales up for 3rd year in a row.  Revenue up 16% in 2015.  Best result since 2009.
  6. Fly Fusion:  Sales up 10% in 2015.  Best Year Ever!  Sales in Canada up 138 since 2008.  USA sales up for 7th year in a row…up 83% since 2008.
  7. Harrowsmith Almenac:  Sales up 3%.  Revenue up 21% in 2015, due to cover price increase.
  8. Horse Sport:  Sales up 158% in 2015.  On track for best year ever in 2016!
  9. Horse Canada Annual:  Sales up 96% in 2015.
  10. Legion Magazine:  Sales up for 6th of last 7 years.  Had zero sales in 2008, now doing $275,191 dollars of sales.
  11. Outdoor Canada Fishing Annual:  Up 21% in 2015.

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