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Vancouver Magazine on a Roll

Posted by Scott On April - 29 - 2016

cover_of_the_week-125x125The May 2016 issue of Vancouver magazine is certain to be a winner.

The food theme is a subject matter that almost always works for city and regional magazines.  And this cover is exceptionally well done.

Check out two other recent covers.

The Jan/Feb 2016 issue (Wine) and the Nov 2015 issue (Buble) are also very hot.  Love the white background and clean and uncluttered look which really let’s the wine do the talking.  The black & white celebrity cover is elegant, and warmed up by the nice spots of hot yellow.

2016 Restaurant

2016 Wine2015 Buble


Beaver with Attitude

Posted by Scott On April - 21 - 2016

The Jun/Jul 2016 issue of Canada’s History is going to feature two covers…one for Quebec to Newfoundland, and another for the rest of Canada.

The original plan was to go with a classic military history cover, which almost always works well for Canada’s History.  But after reading the draft copy of Roy MacGregor’s article (on the essence of being Canadian), the team decided it too would have great appeal as a cover feature. Plus, we could have fun doing an unconventional cover, featuring an illustration.

A tip of the cap to the team:  Melony Ward, Publisher, Mark Reid, Editor, James Gillespie, Art Director, Karen Simpson, Design Consultant, and Danielle Chartier, Circulation Manager.

2016 junjulbeaver (Small)


2016JunJulFinalWar (Small)

Meryl Streep

Posted by Scott On April - 18 - 2016

cover_of_the_week-125x125The May 2016 issue of Vanity Fair looks like a winner.

This classic profile shot of the actress, proves that a black & white cover can indeed be extremely powerful.

The 172 page thick magazine is a great value at just $5.99.



2016 May (Small)

Guess which of these 4 covers from 2015 sold the best to worst here in Canada?


Jan 2015                                                   Jun 2015

2016 Jan2016 Jun



Sep 2015                                                     Dec 2015

2016 Sep2016 Dec


Answers Here:

  1. Jun 2015 (Caitlyn) sold 45,705 copies at a 55% sell-thru
  2. Jan 2015 (Cooper) sold 30,768 copies at a 38% sell-thru
  3. Sep 2015 (Swift) sold 30,414 copies at a 40% sell-thru
  4. Dec 2015 (Murray) sold 17,170 at a 23% sell-thru

Creative Scrapbooker’s Summer Issue Sizzles

Posted by Scott On April - 15 - 2016

Creative Scrapbooker’s Summer 2016 issue is set to hit newsstands on May 30th, 2016.  This high-quality quarterly publication (perfect bound, over-sized trim, 148 pages thick, retails for $11.99), published out of Calgary, Alberta, has been on a roll.  In 2015, newsstand sales were up 16%.  And the last 6 issues in a row have all posted gains!

Effective with the Spring 2016 issue, Creative Scrapbooker has entered the USA market, with a test at Barnes & Noble.  Scan data shows that after just 5 weeks on sale we have already sold over 40% of the copies distributed, with 7 more weeks to sell even more.

Checkout their Canadian and USA covers:

2016 Summer Canada (Small) (2)

2016 Summer USA (Small)



Disticor acquires LMPI

Posted by Scott On April - 14 - 2016

news_green-125x125Disticor has just announced that they have recently signed an agreement with LMPI, a division of LS Distribution North America, to purchase its North American distribution operations.

Since it was established more than fifty years ago, LMPI has maintained solid relations with many international publishers, which has contributed to their success distributing some 3,000 imported titles through 3,000 specialized retailers, many of which are in Quebec.

Disticor is a good fit for LMPI`s business because Disticor already operates Disticor Direct, which also specializes in international titles, seeking both Canadian and USA specialty distribution.

Mark Lafranier, President, Dsiticor, estimates that 60% of the acquired titles are English language and 40% are French language specialty publications.  The Disticor team is busy working on ramping up their tie-line operation, and expect to begin distribution of the new line of titles to the newly acquired accounts effective June 1st, 2016.

This is good news for the Canadian newsstand business.



Posted by Scott On April - 8 - 2016

cover_of_the_week-125x125The April 2016 issue of Chatelaine looks like a winner to me.

While the international media has been gushing about the Prime Minister’s good looks, Chatelaine has decided to remind us that his wife Sophie is certainly worthy of her own moment in the spotlight.

The other hooks certainly suggest this issue is packed with good stuff.

Look for this one to sell, sell, sell.

april 2016

The Bismark

Posted by Scott On April - 1 - 2016

The May/Jun 2016 issue of The Legion Magazine is scheduled to hit newsstands on May 2nd, 2016. The cover feature is about the sinking of The Bismark.

Art Director Jason Duprau has done a great job of finding a classic frontal view of this imposing war ship.  A bold type treatment, strong sky bar, starburst and + symbol all come together to make for an exciting cover.

MayJune2016 (Small)


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