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TL’s Neighbourhood SIP Sells!

Posted by Scott On June - 24 - 2015

check_mark_125x125Back on May 30th, 2014, I blogged about Toronto Life‘s new Neighbourhoods SIP.  So it’s time to do a Check Up to see how it performed.

At a $9.95 cover price, these high-quality SIP’s are an important contributor to the overall newsstands sales story.

This particular issue sold 7,832 copies, and went on sale on June 2nd, 2014.

This was better than their Real Estate SIP by 515 copies or 7%, which went on sale March 31st, 2014 and sold 7,317 copies.

It was also better than their City Home SIP by 2,925 copies or 60%, which went on sale August 4th, 2014.

2014 Neighbourhoods

2014 Real Estate2014 City Home


Canada’s History Sets New Sales Record!

Posted by Scott On June - 22 - 2015

check_mark_125x125The Dec/Jan 2015 issue (Last Spike) of Canada’s History magazine, set a new all time sales record!  Since the magazine is 95 years old, and has published roughly 570 issues, that’s quite an accomplishment.

Here’s what the Editor had to say about the creative process:

“We knew that our readers liked trains — after all, trains are what helped build this country. However, we decided to dig deeper to find the human interest stories that would bring train history to life. Our cover related to our main feature, “Ties That Bind,” which featured a series of train-related stories — from the driving of the Last Spike in 1885, to the “On to Ottawa” protest train, to the story of Bill Miner, the “Gentleman train robber” who pioneered the phrase “hands up” during his train robberies,” Mark Reid, Editor.

  • Sales for this issue are up 35% compared to the same issue last year
  • Sales are up 98% compared to last year’s average sale
  • Sales are up 88% compared to the other 5 issues in 2014

Canada’s History had an impressive performance in 2014, with overall sales up 21%.  (Context:  Overall North American Newsstand sales down 16.7%)

The Art Director is James Gillespie.

Dec 2014 (Small)

AprMay 2014 (Small)     Oct 2014 (Small)

Aug2014 (Small)Jun2014 (Small)

Feb2014 (Small)










Fly Fusion Sets New All-Time Sales Record!

Posted by Scott On June - 18 - 2015

check_mark_125x125The Winter 2015 issue of Fly Fusion magazine has set a new all-time sales record for single copy sales.

This cover captures what we like to call the “Ahh Yes!” moment.  That feeling you get when you are at one with nature.

This cover is similar to the Winter 2011 cover, which was the former record holder.

Fly Fusion retails for $7.95 and is published quarterly, from their new office in British Columbia.

  • Sales in Canada were up 32% from the same issue last year
  • Sales in the USA were up 22% from the same issue last year
  • Therefore, total sales for this issue were up 26% from the same time slot last year

Winter 2015 (Small)

Winter 2011 (Small)



Legion’s BATTLES SIP Sets New Sales Record!

Posted by Scott On June - 18 - 2015

check_mark_125x125Legion Magazine’s BATTLES SIP, which hit newsstands on November 3rd, 2014, has set a new all-time sales record!

The Legion has published a series of SIP’s, starting in 2010, and all of which have been priced at $14.95.

These SIPS were supported from conception by Roma Slaney, Melissa Boscariol, Tracy Arnold, Kevin Brannigan, and Valery Walmsley, who believed in the project.

Special thanks to our distributors, LMPI and CTC, Ron Sellwood, and Peter Van De Geyn.  And kudos to Jennifer Morse, Publisher and Jason Duprau, Art Director, for their vision and creativity.

  • World War 1…sold 5,659 copies, at a 45% efficiency, generating $84,602
  • World War 2…sold 8,575 copies, at a 42% efficiency, generating $128,196
  • Korea…sold 4,217 copies, at a 24% efficiency, generating $63,044
  • Victoria Cross…sold 8,360 copies at a 42% efficiency, generating $124,982
  • Liberating Normandy…sold 7,884 copies at a 45% efficiency, generating $117,866
  • Battles…sold 8,786 copies at a 42% efficiency, generating $131,350 gross newsstand dollars.

The current SIP focuses on Italy, and the upcoming Battle of the Atlantic issue hits stands on June 22nd, 2015.


Major 2 (Small)

WWICover-1 (Medium) (Small)WWIICover (Medium) (Small)

KoreaFrontCoverFinal (Medium) (Small)VC_CoverFinal (Medium) (Small)

Liberating Normanday (Small)Italy SIP (Small)

AtlanticCover (Small)











Canadian Cycling Sets New Sales Record!

Posted by Scott On June - 17 - 2015

check_mark_125x125The Dec/Jan 2015 issue of Canadian Cycling has established a new, all-time sales record.  Not only is it the best-selling issue in this time slot, it is also the best selling issue ever for Canadian Cycling.

The first issue of Canadian Cycling was the Apr/May 2010…29 issues back in time.

This cover took a much simpler, “poster like” approach, with just 4 main hooks, plus the sky bar.

The type on the main sell was bumped up larger than normal.

  • The issue sold 103% better than the issue before it.
  • It sold 58% better than all the other issues in 2014.

A special thank you to Ron Sellwood and Peter Van De Geyn, for their help to achieve this new milestone.


DecJan 2015 (Small)



SI’s Swimsuit Issue Results!

Posted by Scott On June - 16 - 2015

check_mark_125x125Back on February 13th, 2015, I blogged about Sports Illustrated’s famous swimsuit issue:

“The Sports Illustrated 2015  Swimsuit Issue is creating quite a buzz, as it always has, as SI continues to create “shock and awe”.  The latest cover lowers the bikini line to shocking new lows in a game to get the twits to tweet their outrage.  Apparently it is working.  Moral outrage has surrounded the issue every year, since first launching in 1964.

The swimsuit model model, Hannah Davis,  was interviewed on the Today show said, “I think you’re making it look a lot naughtier than it really is to be honest,” Davis told Matt Lauer on TODAY Monday after a ribbon graphic covered part of the cover. “To be honest, I think SI always tries to do something a little different every year, and I think this year, it’s the year of the torso.

The year of the torso?  Uh, huh.  Looks like SI is serious about the old adage that sex sells.  Which one do you like best?  Vote for 2015, 2014, and 2013 below.”

Voters chose the 2015 cover as the best.  So what are the results in Canada?

  • The 2013 issue (Girl in Parka) sold 48,012 at a 33% efficiency
  • The 2014 issue (Group of Girls) sold 50,800 at a 38% efficiency
  • The 2015 issue (Year of Torso) sold 53,183 at a 46% efficiency




For your listening pleasure:





July 2014 National Geographic a Winner!

Posted by Scott On June - 16 - 2015

check_mark_125x125Back on July 14th, 2014 I blogged enthusiastically about the July 2014 issue of National Geographic.

“I love the way they have layered the cover to create a very textured effect.   While the yellow frame remains an essential part of their brand equity, it shows courage and confidence by their team to play with that device.”

It’s time to do a Check Up to see how it performed.   The July 2014 issue was the 2nd best-selling issue of 12 regular issues published, selling 22,101 copies at a 41.4% efficiency in Canada.

It outsold the June 2014 issue by 5,547 copies or a 34% lift.

It outsold the August 2014 issue by 2,203 copies or a 11% lift.

It outsold the average sale for the other 11 issues by 3,611 copies or a 16% lift.

The best seller of the year was the Feb 2014 issue, which sold 22,982 copies, shown at bottom

Jul 2014

Feb 2014


Chatelaine’s September 2014 issue a Winner

Posted by Scott On June - 14 - 2015

check_mark_125x125Back on August 27th, 2014,  I blogged enthusiastically about Chatelaine‘s September 2014 issue as Cover of the Week.  The September 2014 issue of Chatelaine featured a “tumble” cover, according to Sarmistha Roy at Chatelaine. On one side, a fabulous food cover, flip it over and on the other side is a gorgeous beauty cover.

It’s now time to Check Up on how the issue performed.

This issue was the 2nd best seller out of 12 issues published in 2014, selling 43,494 copies.

It outsold the August 2014 issue by 15,195 copies or a  54 lift%.

It outsold the October 2014 issue by 1,584 copies or a 4% lift.

It outsold the average sale of the other 11 issues by 21,427 or a 97% lift.

And it outsold last year’s issue in this time slot  (September 2013) by 15,267 copies or a 54 lift.

The best-selling issue of 2014 was the December 2014 issue, which sold 62,245 copies…a fantastic result. (Cover shown at bottom)

sep 2014asep 2014b

Dec 2014



People Weekly’s Best-Selling Cover of 2014

Posted by Scott On June - 12 - 2015

check_mark_125x125Back on August 20th, 2014, I blogged enthusiastically about People Weekly‘s fabulous cover tribute to Robin Williams (on sale in Canada August 18th, 2014) as Cover of the Week.

The cover was handled with great dignity and respect given the comic’s tragic demise.

In Canada, this cover sold 114,674 copies at a 58% sell-through efficiency.  It was by far the best-selling issue of the year in Canada for People Weekly.

The issue prior to it sold 84,531 copies.  The issue following it sold 89,811 copies.  The overall average sale in 2014 for every other issue of People was 71,993 copies.

So it sold 30,143 more copies than the issue prior to it, a 36% lift.  It sold 24,863 more copies than the issue after it, a 28% lift.  It sold 42,681 more copies than the overall average issue in 2014, a 59% lift.

The second highest seller in 2014 was the September 8th, 2014, issue featuring The Jolle-Pitt Family Wedding Album, which sold 98,866 copies, on sale September 8th, 2014.  So Robin Williams out sold this great cover by 15,808 copies, a 16% lift.



jolle pitt


Ricardo Launch in English A Winner

Posted by Scott On June - 11 - 2015

check_mark_125x125The CMC awarded Ricardo (English Edition) as The 2015 Magazine of the Year.  Congratulations to Tracey McKinley, Coast to Coast to Coast, and the entire team for a job well done!

I blogged about this launch back on September 11th, 2014, as the Cover of the Week…so it’s time to check out the results!

The Fall launch issue (on sale September 15th) sold 23,882 copies! An incredible result right out of the gate!

So was it a one-hit wonder?  Nope!

The following issue (December 2014, on sale November 3rd) sold 23,865…an almost identical number!

The February 2015 issue, on sale December 15th, is sitting at a sale of 25,527, while not 100% final, is probably 99% final now.

The next two issues have equally compelling covers and look poised to sell extremely well too!

Ricardo 2014-10-57052 (3)

Dec 2014Feb 2015

Apr 2015Issu 52










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