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Abe was a Babe Sells

Posted by Scott On January - 30 - 2013

The launch issue of Exploring History, a brand extension from National Geographic, performed exceptionally well, according to a recent article in The New Single Copy, by John Harrington.

The issue, which went on sale in September of 2011, sold 103,000 copies in North America, at a 45% efficiency.  Their second issue, featuring Ben Franklin went on sale in November of 2012. 

We blogged about it here:

Pattison donates to Ryerson

Posted by Scott On January - 29 - 2013

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a growing and important part of business protocol these days. It’s nice to see that Jim Pattison (owner of the NewsGroup) gets it.

Check out the attached link for details on a recent donation.

If You are Feeling Blue

Posted by Scott On January - 22 - 2013

This time of year, with the cold winter wind howling off Lake Ontario, the short dark days, I tend to start hankering for an escape from the winter dooldrums.

Thankfully, a good magazine cover, like this one, can set the immagination free. 

One can always dream.

Boat Show 2013

Posted by Scott On January - 18 - 2013

The Jan/Feb 2013 issue of Canadian Yacthing hit newsstands loudly, both due to its 166 page thickness and heft, as well as its “notice me” art direction, by Petra Dueck.  This issue will be hard to miss on newsstands, and may require a “mate” to help carry it home.

The cover price was just raised from $5.95 to $6.95…a 17% hike.  The magazine has also increased its frequency from 6 X per year to 8 X per year. 

Sales of boats in 2012 were up briskly, and so were newsstand sales of Canadian Yachting.  On the first five issues of the year, newsstand is up 334% from prior year. 

The magazine, first launched in January 1976, now has both a Western edition (seen here) as well as their regular Eastern edition.

Rotman Debuts

Posted by Scott On January - 17 - 2013

ROTMAN Management magazine debuted January 7th on U.S. newsstands…the title is targeting New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington DC airport terminal accounts and top book stores and specialty retailers.  It also re-launched on Canadian newsstands, with promotions at Chapters/Indigo, LS Travel and Hudson News locations. 

The magazine is published 3 x per year by the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, and retails for $16.95…the same price as the Harvard Business Review.  The magazine is 116 pages thick and perfect bound.  The cover stock is Mohawk Options Enviro 100 paper.   The Editor-in-Chief is Karen Christensen.

The National Distributor is Coast to Coast.  Ron Sellwood is the Account Executive, Scott Bullock CoversSell.Com is the Newsstand Consultant.

Click on Image to Enlarge Cover

Hat Trick for Sportsnet

Posted by Scott On January - 11 - 2013

With the Hockey Lockout of 2013 almost mercifully over, Sportsnet‘s latest issue will feature, wait for it, yep, you guessed it, a hockey cover.  But not just one hockey cover, but three hockey covers.   Call it a Hat Trick.

Sportsnet is clearly banking on pent up demand on the part of hockey loving Canadians…and they are probably right to do so.  Regional covers are certainly a good way to maximize sales.   The cost of a plate change can typically be earned back with just 150 extra copies sold of a regular priced magazine.

According to Art Director, Jamie Hodgson, “The basic strategy behind the 3-way split is to maximize our sales in our two biggest markets, Southern Ontario and Vancouver and surrounding areas. A strong intense powerful image of captain Dion Phaneuf was an easy choice in Ontario. Cory Schneider, the presumed new No. 1 goalie in Vancouver is the story of the year so far out west. Like Phaneuf, strong eye contact make this cover really intense. Sidney Crosby was the obvious choice for the rest of the country, he’s the NHL and Canada’s best player and always sells well. Newsstands love Crosby. We decided to not try and be too cute with the main sell, simple was better in this case: Game On NHL 2013. Fans know what that means: Drop the puck already!”


The Boss

Posted by Scott On January - 10 - 2013

Time magazine is generating free PR on all the major morning talk shows for its most recent “controversial” cover.  This cover features the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, with the main sell line “The Boss.”  

Apparently, the Governor feels the cover is “not kind,” and that it made him look like Tony Soprano, the fictional mob boss on HBO.

According to news reports, an advocacy group for Italian-Americans is not amused.  Spokesperson Andre Dimino claimed that the cover is like a mug shot and is “just a typical smearing of Italian-Americans.”  The Governor’s mother was a Sicilian-American.

“I’m reporting Time magagine to the, like, anti-Itlalian demation league,” Christie  is reported to have said on the popular radio and tv show “Imus in the Morning.”

Governor Christie, once considered by many Republicans as a legitimate alternative to Romney, as the best chance to defeat President Obama, has emerged as a controversial figure who some believe handed Obama the victory, when it the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy he praised the President.  Since then, he has also generated controversey by slamming the Speaker of the House.  And, his close relationship with Bruce Springsteen (The Boss), who is a poster-boy and big-time fund-raiser for the Democrats, is also the subject of much twittering amongst political animals.

Interestingly, new polling data shows that the Governor’s favorable ratings in recent polls is higher (52%) among Democrats then it is with Republicans (48%), according to Tom Jensen of Public Policy Polling. 

Some conspiracy theorists even believe that Time Magazine (thought by many to be a left-leaning NewsWeekly) is trying to smear Christie as being fat and dangerous, because he is a right-wing politician that poses a real threat to the established order, precisely because he is liked equally by both Democrats and Republicans.

Flare on Fire

Posted by Scott On January - 5 - 2013

The new issue of Flare is hard to miss on newsstands.

This fabulous cover manages to look both totally modern and hip, yet classic and timeless at the same time.

The black and white photography is amped up by the hot yellow type.

And we love the ring that helps draw attention to the cover girls amazing lips.  A smoking hot cover that is sure to sell.

Enter the Cover Awards

Posted by Scott On January - 3 - 2013

Be sure to Enter the Cover Awards. Check out the onnline application at:

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