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TIME Magazine Person of the Year 2012

Posted by Scott On December - 20 - 2012

Time Magazine has unveiled their annual 2012 Person of the Year cover.  No big surprise.  Obama.  They also chose him when he won the presidency in 2008.

The 2008 cover featured the Hope/Change illustration.  This time, the mood appears much more somber and serious with the photographic approach of Obama in profile, looking very much like the profile of Lincoln on the 1 cent coin. 

Of  intetest is the fact that they changed the trade mark red border for this more sober treatment.  Something they have done before with their 9/11 issue, and only four times in their history apparently. 

Canadian Newsstand Awards

Posted by Scott On December - 18 - 2012

The Circulation Managent Association of Canada (CMC) and Magazines Canada, have formally announced a new strategic partnership in hosting a new and improved Canadian Newsstand Awards.

In a press release today, it was announced that the Awards presentation will take place at the Courtyard Toronto Downtown on February 26, 2013. 

“The Canadian Cover Awards recognize and celebrate the success and importance of magazine covers in Canadian single copy sales. Canadian magazine titles that meet eligibility requirements are encouraged to submit top-selling covers for consideration in eight various award categories. The Canadian Cover Awards are open to titles in either English or French that sell single copy sales in Canada, contain a minimum of 80% Canadian editorial content (written and/or edited by Canadians in Canada), include an issue sold in the 2011 calendar year, and are published weekly or less frequently. A magazines score will in part be determined by newsstand sales, which is unique to these awards,” says the release.

Visit for more information about the Canadian Cover Awards and to enter.

The awards open for submission on January 7, 2013 is a proud sponsor of this event.

Do Bears = Johnny Depp?

Posted by Scott On December - 7 - 2012

I was asked recently, “If Polar Bears are to Canadian Geographic what Brad Pitt  is to Esquire, what about Grizzly and Brown Bears?  Are they like Johnny Depp?”

Good question.  Let’s take a look, first at Canadian Geographic, then at British Columbia magazine:

Nov/Dec 2008:  Best-seller in 2008.  This issue sold 42% more copies than the average of the other five issues that year.  Third best-seller ever in the magazines’ history.

Nov/Dec 2003:  Best-seller in 2003.  This issue sold 28% more copies than the average of the other five issues that year.

Mar/Apr 2001:  Highest sell-through efficiency (49%) in 2001.

Jan/Feb 1997:  Highest sell-through efficiency (46%) in 1997.

Spring 2008:  Beat average for the year by 10%…2nd best cover that year

Fall 2004:  Beat average for the year by 12%…2nd best cover that year

Summer 2001:  Beat average for the year by 30%…best cover that year

Summer 1997:  Beat average for the year by 8%…2nd best cover that year

And yes, pressing this further, Wolves = Angelina Joile and Cougars = Jennifer Anniston

Rule #30:  If it works, keep doing it

Rule #20:  Be Sexy

Every magazine has its celeberities, who or what are yours?

Really? Is it Just Me?

Posted by Scott On December - 6 - 2012

Last week NOW “referenced” TIME magazines’ classic X cover treatment.  This week NOW appears to be “referencing” New York magazine.  Appears to be a lot of “referencing” going on.–now-magazine-cover-featuring-rob-ford-compared-to-time-s-cover-of-hitler

Remember the recent firestorm over Margaret Wente, and her, uh, alleged “plagiarisim” at the Globe & Mail?   I guess this just proves that there is a higher (read: double)  standard for The Globe & Mail (Wente) and Maclean’s (Bonhome cover) then there is for NOW.  Or perhaps it could be that NOW has become irrelevant and a parody of itself.

Check out the similiarities below:

New Low for Now

Posted by Scott On December - 3 - 2012

The latest cover from NOW magazine sets a new all time low…low as in beneath contempt.   Plagiarisim is like admitting that you are simply not capable of creativity or originality.  Anyone that follows magazines (let alone publishes them) knows that TIME magazine has used the simple X template for years.

If NOW claims they didn’t know they were ripping off TIME, don’t believe them.  If they did know (and they did) then what are they attempting to communicate, beyond the fact that they are out of original ideas, lack creativity, and are plagarists of the most blatant and shameless variety? 

Here’s the new Now Cover:

Rob Ford may be foolish.  But he’s no Adolph Hitler.  After all, Hitler was capable of writing a book (Mein Kampf), which NOW certainly must know Ford is probably incapable of doing.

Oh, and Ford also doesn’t have the Holocaust on his resume either.  But, NOW knows no boundries.  Too bad they just proved how desperate and pathetic they have become for attention, now that The Grid has become the talk of the town.  Pity poor NOW.  They really are yesterday’s fish wrap.


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