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2012 Canadian Business Franchise Directory Debuts

Posted by Scott On September - 2 - 2011

Kenilworth Media’s annual Franchise Directory 2012 hits newsstands September 5th.  The issue retails for $9.95. This year’s issue uses many classic devices to help stand out on crowded stands:

  • White background
  • Border Box
  • Cover Slash
  • Big Numeric (1000)

Good use of color to help the eye travel down the cover to the other sell lines.  And the UPC code is even tucked away neatly in the lower righ corner.

The issue is a generous “European” trim size of 9  x 10 3/4, perfect bound, UV coated stock, and is 150 pages thick.

Look for promotions at Chapters/Indigo, Presse Commerce, Shoppers Drug Mart and Hudson News.

Kim K’s Wedding issue

Posted by Scott On September - 2 - 2011

This just in…thanks to my friends at Kenilworth Media.

According to Coco Perez’s website (see link above), People magazine hit it big at newsstands with the Kim K cover.

ABC stats show that People averaged 1,257,536 copies on their December 2010 statement.  If the 1,500,000 number is correct, that represents an increase of nearly 250,000 copies or a 20% improvement.  Plus, they raised the cover price by 25% as well.  Good news indeed.

Gretzky Scores

Posted by Scott On September - 1 - 2011

The Hockey News Top 100 Players of All Time special interest publication was a huge success.  The cover featured Wayne Gretzky, and retailed for $7.99. On a draw of 90,700 copies, the issue sold 49,766 copies, for a fabulous 55% sell-through efficiency. The issue outsold the Greatest Jerseys of  All Time special interest publication from 2009, which still sold an impressive 35,856 copies on a draw of 90,050 for a 40% sell-through efficiency.

see old blog post on the Gretzky cover as Cover of theWeek

Here’s what the Editor in Chief, Jason Kay, had to say about this fantastic success on newsstands:

“Any time you put Gretzky on the cover, particularly a throwback image from his Edmonton Oilers days like the one we used, it attracts interest. The white background on the cover with the “ghosted” names of the other hockey greats, along with the title of the book in that gold, fifth colour, combine to give the book a real collectors’ feel. And, of course, with think the content concept was a winning idea — it’s a definitive, authoritative ranking of the top hockey players of all-time by the position they played. We’d never seen a ranking like that before.”



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