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Dream Boat

Posted by Scott On December - 23 - 2010

If you are feeling a bit cold, in need of some warmth and excitement, a change of venue, a little escapism, then perhaps you should pick up a copy of the current issue of Canadian Yachting.

This issue is bright, warm and vibrant, and promises many benefits.

Good use of the upper right-hand corner to push Top 17 Sailboats.  The cover takes advantage of the left hand side of the cover for sell lines to be seen on crowded stands.  The use of colour to help the eye travel down the page works well too.

Time Person of the Year Covers

Posted by Scott On December - 21 - 2010

This link may be of interest to you cover junkies out there.

If you want to test yourself, look at the covers on the link attached.  Guess which are the three top sellers from 2009 through 2001.  Then come back and look below for ABC statistics.  If you peak you are cheating.

Thanks to Elinor Schindel for bringing it to my attention.

#1: 2008 Obama cover  (478,000 copies)

#2: 2001 Rudi Gulliani cover (420,356 copies)

#3: 2003 American Solidier cover (389,000 copies)

#4: 2002 Whistleblowers cover (290,356 copies)

#5: 2004 Bush cover (280,226 copies)

#6: 2005 Good Samaritans cover (270,000 copies)

#7: 2006 You cover (205,000 copies)

#8: 2007 Putin cover (200,315 copies)

#9: 2009 Bernanke cover (139,937 copies)

Now, why not leave a comment, and make a predicition on how this years’ Facebook founder cover will sell.

Check Up on Zoomer

Posted by Scott On December - 20 - 2010

Back in August, featured the September 2010 issue of Zoomer as Cover of the Week, and predicted great sales.  We called the cover very Vanity Fair-esque. 

Happiness is something we all aspire to achieve.  Some pray for it.  But great single copy sales can make us happy, and put a smile on our faces too, eh?

With newsstand sales in 2010 “challenged,” increasing sales by a wide margin is a praise-worthy accomplishment.

The verdict is in from consumers:

  1. The issue has the best-ever sell-through efficiency since Zoomer first started publishing, back in October 2008
  2. The issue has by far the best sales result of 2010 to date, with sales up 53% compared to the previous five issues
  3. It beat last year’s September issue by 71% in copies sold, and efficiency was up 20pts

A fabulous cover and outstanding results!  Congratulation to the team at Zoomer and Coast to Coast.


Posted by Scott On December - 20 - 2010

Every January Azure publishes its annual Houses issue.  And for good reason.  This cover theme is invariably one of their best-selling issues year after year.

Rule #2:  Subject Matter Matters

This year’s cover is particularly striking…kudos to Karen Simpson, art director.  Modern.  Sophisticated.  Warm and vibrant.

The cover takes full advantage of the upper left quadrant to push the main sell line. I predict strong sales on this issue.

Take a moment and try your luck at the Azure Cover Quiz. It’s fun and instructive.

Flower Power

Posted by Scott On December - 12 - 2010

This cover from Cycle Canada  is not your typical Anniversary issue approach. Not at all serious or pretentious.  No big type treatments.  No special borders.  No benefit-oriented cover lines.  Just a groovy, retro, feel good cover and “try-me” discount pricing. 

This risk-taking cover is praiseworthy, and I have a feeling it just might work, despite breaking all the traditional rules.  Sometimes what’s old is new again.  It’s a bold gamble.

Thanks to Peter Van De Geyn, at Coast to Coast, for bringing it to my attention.

Playlist Issue

Posted by Scott On December - 9 - 2010

Perfectly timed for the Christmas rush, RollingStone magazine’s Playlist Issue is electric and rocking off the shelf. 

The intense red screams passion.

The double border signals it’s special.

The silver drop shadow on the  logo and main sell line dazzle and glitter like a Christmas ornament and tinsel.

Plus, the celebrity names lend energy and sex appeal to the entire package of goodies. The draping ear buds are the perfect touch, creating the 3d impact that sets this issue on fire the way only rock and roll can.  Scorching hot cover.

Celine Exclusive

Posted by Scott On December - 8 - 2010

Hello! Canada has scored another “Exclusive”….this time with Celine Dion and her new twin boys.

This will no doubt cause competitors in the Celebrity category to turn green with envy, as Hello! Canada continues to astound the newsstand world with record-breaking sales.

The issue has a 20-page pictoral spread, featuring shots of Celine Dion and family taken at their “tropical-themed home on Jupiter Island, Florida”, according to Hello! Canada’s spokesperson Louise Leger.

This cover is radically clear and compelling.  Beautiful in its simplicity, this cover is sure to sell briskly. On sale December 7th, 2010.

Marilyn Monroe Launches Playboy

Posted by Scott On December - 7 - 2010

While newsstand sales of Playboy have been in steady decline for decades, this cover from December 1953 jump-started a cultural revolution of sexual liberation.

The iconic Marilyn Monroe helped launch one of America’s most iconic brands.  The magazine is arguably one of the most influential ever, and still creates controversy. 

Copies of the launch issue are being sold by Christie’s auction house for $1,500.  Not bad for a fifty cent cover price.

Do you think this belongs in the Hall of Fame?

Monroe, Hall of Fame worthy?

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Posted by Scott On December - 2 - 2010

This amazing cover from Vogue has the star power to wow.  Angelina Jolie is always a big seller for Esquire and Vanity Fair, so why not for Vogue?

We love the fetching “look back” for the ultimate smoking-hot eye contact.  We love the electric pink logo and fabulous corner cover slash.  Great use of cover real estate, type treatments and color to draw the eye to all the benefit-oriented sell lines. This cover is sure to sell well above average.


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