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50th Anniversary

Posted by Scott On March - 13 - 2018

The May 2018 issue of Horse Sport celebrates its 50th Anniversary…a major milestone for one of Canada’s oldest continuously published magazines.

Art Director Sieu Truong has created a stunning cover, which is both elegant and tactile. Gold foil will be used to give it extra pop. The over-sized format of 9 x 12 will help make this beauty hard to miss. It will be perfect bound.  8pt Cover stock. 144 pages thick.  This one is a keeper!

Circulation Manager, Karin Apfel says:

“Horse Sport, formerly known as The Corinthian when first published in May of 1968, is one of Canada’s oldest magazines still in circulation. The 50th Anniversary Issue (May 2018) celebrates it’s rare longevity with a special issue dedicated to both the history of equestrian sport and of the venerable magazine. A stunning collection of photos by Canadian equestrian photographers as well as editorial dedicated to the most exciting memories of the past half century.  It includes competition highlights, fashion, thoughtful commentary by top riders, and trends within the horse sport industry, which makes this issue the largest ever at 144 pages and an eye-catching 9” x 12” in size. Gold foil on the cover, along with a striking and artistic view of the animal at the focus of equestrianism, will ensure the issue will see high sales and also will be kept as a treasured keepsake.”

The cover price is being raised to $6.99 from $5.99 for this special issue.

Look for promotions at Chapters/Indgio, Coles/Smiths, and Loblaws.  It goes on sale April 23rd.

New Look Harrowsmith

Posted by Scott On March - 10 - 2018

The Spring 2018 issue of Harrowsmith hit newsstands March 5th, 2018.

Art Director Meredith MacKinlay has created a bold, hard-to-miss beauty.

This year’s Spring edition is no longer in digest form, but rather a 100-page thick glossy magazine in regular format.  The price has been increased by $1 to $6.99.



Red Baron

Posted by Scott On March - 9 - 2018

The Apr/May 2018 issue of Canada’s History is set to hit newsstands on March 26th, 2018.

Art Director James Gillespie has created another classic cover.

This is a magazine that has done really well with “illustrated cover images” as opposed to photographs.

Sometimes a real historical photograph simply doesn’t exist.

Thus proving Rule #1:  There are always exceptions to the rules!

Wolves Work

Posted by Scott On February - 6 - 2018

The Mar/Apr 2018 issue of Canadian Geographic features Yukon Wolves. This handsome beast may be salivating over its prey.

Last year’s Jan/Feb issue also featured a wolf on the cover, and sales spiked up 23%.   In 2015, sales spiked by 84%.  And the 2009 cover is the all-time best-seller for Canadian Geographic!

Rule #30:  If it works, keep doing it.


Kitchen Cabinet Update

Posted by Scott On January - 23 - 2018

The Feb/Mar 2018 issue of Canadian Woodworking is set to hit newsstands on January 22nd, 2018.

This is the second issue of the magazines re-design, and with the new, larger format, and higher cover price of $6.97.

Art Director Jonathan Cresswell-Jones has created a cover that feels contemporary, and is easy to understand quickly.

The cover lines are benefit-oriented, straightforward and place in the best “real estate”, with the skybar and button working hard to call out other compelling reasons to buy this magazine.

Canadian Woodworking is on a roll.  In 2016 sales were up 49%, with 5 of 6 issues posting gains.  In 2017 sales are up another 22%, again with 5 of 6 issues posting gains.  That’s 10 of 12 issues posting gains…impressive.




Posted by Scott On January - 22 - 2018

The Spring 2018 issue of Fly Fusion is set to hit newsstands on February 26th, 2018.

This year’s cover has an edgy feel to it…a creative treatment not tried before.

The overall feeling remains warm.  Anglers will be eager to get their hands on the useful advice inside this beauty.


Posted by Scott On January - 18 - 2018

The Feb/Mar 2018 issue of Canada’s History is set to hit newsstands on January 29th, 2018.

Art Director James Gillespie has created a compelling cover featuring an illustration of a Viking ship sailing boldly through an iceberg laden sea.  This marks the 3rd time in 12 years that Canada’s History has featured Vikings as a cover story.

Rule #30:  If it works, keep doing it

  • In 2006, the Vikings cover was the best-seller, selling 3,650 copies, and beating the average of the other five issues that year by 96%.  (The cover won Gold at the Canadian Newsstand Awards).
  • In 2014, the Vikings cover sold 4,086 copies, beating the prior year’s issue in that slot by 88%. (The cover won Gold at the Canadian Newsstand Awards).

Look for another strong performance from this cover.


2018 Property Forecast

Posted by Scott On November - 28 - 2017

The Jan/Feb 2018 issue of Canadian Real Estate Wealth is set to hit newsstands on December 4th, 2017.  It retails for $7.99.

Art Director Alicia Chin kept it clean and simple this year.  This time slot produces the best-selling issue every year with this much anticipated annual editorial feature.

A white background, gold border, bold type, strong skybar, and clean and uncluttered feel, are hallmarks of success for this cover

Look for promotions at these fine retailers:

  • BC Ferry
  • Chapters/Indigo
  • Home Depot
  • Loblaws
  • London Drugs
  • Wal Mart



Like A Pro

Posted by Scott On November - 8 - 2017

The Winter 2018 issue of Fly Fusion is set to hit stands on November 27th.

This cover is another classic in our series of Top Predator covers, featuring great cover shots of anglers reveling in nature.

See below for other Poster Quality covers featuring Top Predators.

Top 10 Sky Sights 2018

Posted by Scott On October - 31 - 2017

The Jan/Feb 2018 issue of SkyNews is scheduled to hit newsstands on Dec 4th, 2017.

This time slot is always the best selling period of the year, and the Top 10 Sky Sights is an annual editorial feature.

Art Director Janice McLean has created a winning look.  Strong central image. Cover Slash in upper left corner.  Bold Type for main sell line.  Bullets support secondary sell.  Additional hooks accented with + sign.

This year’s edition has strong promotional support behind it:  look for promotions at:

  • Chapters/Indigo
  • Coles/Smithbooks
  • London Drugs
  • Wal Mart

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