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Dressage Issue

Posted by Scott On June - 29 - 2018

The August 2018 issue of Horse Sport is set to hit newsstands on Jul 23rd, 2018.

Art Director Sieu Truong has created a high-impact yet elegant cover. The cover makes great use of the skybar area to flash focus on dressage, while still packing in seven additional hooks to draw in readers.  The alternating use of red and black keeps the color pallet simple and sophisticated, and helps the eye navigate the cover effortlessly. Strong, simple, benefit-oriented sell lines work hard.  The cover retains an uncluttered and upscale feeling, with the horse and happy rider remaining the central focus.


Dust Bowl

Posted by Scott On June - 28 - 2018

The Aug/Sep 2018 issue of Canada’s History features a cover story on the famous Dust Bowl from the Great Depression era.

Art Director James Gillespie has created another high-impact cover that’s going to be hard to miss.  The cover features an iconic image of a desperate farmer, as he watches his top soil blow away in the wind.  The bold and aggressive graphic treatment works hard to make it clear what we are selling.  The clean and uncluttered look creates a “poster like” quality. This allows the other 4 teaser hooks to be easily seen and navigated by the newsstand browser.


Small Shop 2018

Posted by Scott On June - 4 - 2018

The Jun/Jul 2018 issue of Canadian Woodworking is now on sale.

This time slot features the annual Small Shop theme, which is always a strong seller.

Rule #30:    If it works, keep doing it

Art Director Jonathan Cresswell-Jones has used a large red box to help highlight the main sell.  The sky bar includes 4 different hooks to entice the reader, and the Free Poster is an added bonus.

Canadian Woodworking is on a major roll:

13 of the past 15 issues posting substantial gains.

  • 2016 sales up 49%
  • 2017 sales up 21%
  • The Dec/Jan 2018 issue is up 94% and was a Record Breaker (best sale ever!)
  • The Feb/Mar 2018 issue is up 50%

This Canadian gem is one to watch!


Chasing Storms

Posted by Scott On May - 14 - 2018

The Summer 2018 issue of Prairies North is set to hit newsstands on June 4th.

This is the second issue put out under the new owner, Rob Soulodre, at Farmhouse Communications.

Art Director Amy Price, has created a moody, and energetic cover.

Monster Rainbows

Posted by Scott On May - 4 - 2018

The Summer 2018 issue of Fly Fusion is set to hit newsstands May 28th, 2018.

This issue is another classic, in our series of “Ultimate Predator” covers.

Our most recent example set a new all-time sales record in the USA, and is one of our Top 4 ever in Canada.

First Flight

Posted by Scott On April - 30 - 2018

The Jun/Jul 2018 issue of Canada’s History features Canada’s first female aviator.  Art Director James Gillespie commissioned this fabulous illustration to grace the cover.  The issue goes on sale May 28th.

Canada’s History does well with illustrated covers.  After all, often photographs just don’t exist.  So we improvise.

In 2017 we had two covers with illustrations, both posted sales gains of 12%.

Canada’s History is on a roll, with 3 of 6 issue in 2017 setting all-time new sales records for their time slot.  Plus, 5 of 6 issues were up from prior year, and overall sales were up 12%.



Posted by Scott On April - 27 - 2018

The May/Jun 2018 issue of Horse Canada features a “celebrity cover” with Amber Marshall of TV Show Heartland fame.

Art Director Sieu Truong has created a compelling and energetic cover, with a straight-ahead approach.  Good use of the important cover real estate and color to direct the reader’s eyes down the page.  Including the skybar, this cover packs in 9 different hooks to lure a newsstand sale and communicate value for money.

This issue goes on sale April 30th.  Based on past experience with Amber as a cover girl (Horse Canada has featured her on two previous covers) this one will be a winner too!



Summer is Coming…Really it is!

Posted by Scott On April - 19 - 2018

The Summer 2018 issue of Creative Scrapbooker is scheduled to hit newsstands on May 28th, 2018.

This gorgeous magazine is over-sized, perfect bound, always 150 pages thick, and retails for $12.95.

The Canadian gem, is now selling briskly in the USA too.  Sales in the USA in 2017 were up 84%!  Plus, the magazine’s sell-thru was a stellar 46%.


Stopping the Panzers

Posted by Scott On March - 26 - 2018

The May/Jun 2018 issue of the Legion magazine is set to hit newsstands on April 30th.

Art Director Jason Duprau has created another “poster-quality” cover.  Lightly colorized archival image, bold type treatment, clean and focused feel, with strong central image, and a layered, 3-d effect, are all hallmarks.


50th Anniversary

Posted by Scott On March - 13 - 2018

The May 2018 issue of Horse Sport celebrates its 50th Anniversary…a major milestone for one of Canada’s oldest continuously published magazines.

Art Director Sieu Truong has created a stunning cover, which is both elegant and tactile. Gold foil will be used to give it extra pop. The over-sized format of 9 x 12 will help make this beauty hard to miss. It will be perfect bound.  8pt Cover stock. 144 pages thick.  This one is a keeper!

Circulation Manager, Karin Apfel says:

“Horse Sport, formerly known as The Corinthian when first published in May of 1968, is one of Canada’s oldest magazines still in circulation. The 50th Anniversary Issue (May 2018) celebrates it’s rare longevity with a special issue dedicated to both the history of equestrian sport and of the venerable magazine. A stunning collection of photos by Canadian equestrian photographers as well as editorial dedicated to the most exciting memories of the past half century.  It includes competition highlights, fashion, thoughtful commentary by top riders, and trends within the horse sport industry, which makes this issue the largest ever at 144 pages and an eye-catching 9” x 12” in size. Gold foil on the cover, along with a striking and artistic view of the animal at the focus of equestrianism, will ensure the issue will see high sales and also will be kept as a treasured keepsake.”

The cover price is being raised to $6.99 from $5.99 for this special issue.

Look for promotions at Chapters/Indgio, Coles/Smiths, and Loblaws.  It goes on sale April 23rd.


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