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Big Growth for Canadian Woodworking

Posted by Scott On March - 8 - 2017

check_mark_125x125Canadian Woodworking has just posted fabulous newsstand sales growth for 2016.  While industry averages show newsstand sales in Canada were down 11.8% last year, Canadian Woodworking posted a 49% increase in sales!

Five of their six bi-monthly issues posted gains in 2016.

The distributor is Coast to Coast, with Ron Sellwood acting as the account executive.  Working with consultant Colleen Moloney, the magazine gained dealer coverage which helped give the magazine needed exposure.

  • The Dec/Jan 2016 issue (Tablet Stand) was up 62%
  • The Jun/Jul 2016 issue (Small Shop) was up 79%
  • The Oct/Nov 2016 issue (Patio Chair) was up 125%

And the first issue of 2017, Dec/Jan 2017 (Smartphone Holder)  is on track for a 20% gain, on top of last year’s huge improvement!

Congratulations to the team at Canadian Woodworking.

DecJan 2016JunJul 2016

OctNov 2016DecJan 2017


Harrowsmith’s 2016 Gardening Digest Sets Sales Record

Posted by Scott On January - 31 - 2017

Harrowsmith’s 2016 Gardening Digest established a new all-time sales record in 2016!

check_mark_125x125Sales increased by 22% from prior year!

The draw was trimmed by 7%.

Efficiency improved by 7 pts.

The covers have been evolving every year, as you can see below.

The 2017 edition is going on sale soon.  Pan to bottom of this post to see a sneak peak of the 2017 cover…

2016 A Record Breaker

2016 Garden (Small)


GDigest Sum2015 COVER (Small)garden digest 2014 (Small)garden1 (Small)


2017 Garden (Small)


Canadian Real Estate Going Up!

Posted by Scott On January - 27 - 2017

check_mark_125x125Canadian Real Estate Wealth enjoyed a very successful year on the newsstand in 2016. With real estate markets in both Vancouver and Toronto sizzling, so too are our sales.

Five of our six issues are posting strong gains.

The total increase for 2016 is 15%.

Fabulous covers by Art Director Ali Salvati are shown below.

  • Jan/Feb 2016…up 28%
  • May/Jun 2016…up 7%
  • Jul/Aug 2016…up 19%
  • Sep/Oct 2016…up 14%
  • Nov/Dec 2016…forecast up 27%


2016 JanFeb (Small)2016 MayJun (Small)

Sep 2016 (Small)2016 AugSep (Small)

2016 NovDec (Small)

Can Geo’s Quiz SIP Success!

Posted by Scott On November - 23 - 2016

check_mark_125x125Last year at this time, Canadian Geographic published their first digest-sized SIP.  The 2016 Ultimate Geography Quiz book has sold over 15,000 copies at a 51% sell-thru, at a $9.95 cover price.  That’s impressive!

Due to the success, this year’s distribution has been bumped up by 12.4%.

This year, the 2017 Ultimate Geography Quiz book features three regional covers.

Editor Aaron Kylie says:  “Given the provincial/territorial organization of the Ultimate Canadian Geography Quiz SIP, it seemed natural to have a number of regional covers for the issue. We selected three compelling images submitted to the Canadian Geographic Photo Club, one each for eastern, central and western Canada. Our hope is this will improve the newsstand success of this already popular SIP.”







Record Breaker for Horse Canada Annual

Posted by Scott On September - 21 - 2016

check_mark_125x125Horse Canada’s 2016 Annual is a Record Breaker!  It is now the all-time best selling issue in the magazine’s illustrious history.

Sales are up 15% from last year.  Plus, we raised the cover price by 13% to $8.99.  This resulted in an overall revenue improvement of 31%.

Horse Canada has posted sales improvements on 10 of their last 14 issues, which is a remarkable achievement in today’s market.  And they have done so while raising the cover price to reflect it’s market-leading stature in the horse industry.




Northwest Fly Fishing Trending Up

Posted by Scott On September - 14 - 2016

check_mark_125x125Northwest Fly Fishing magazine is trending up, like its sister publications.

In 2015, 4 of 6 issues posted gains in the USA.

And in 2016, the good news continues to roll in, with the first 3 issues posting impressive gains too.

That makes 7 out of 9 issues in a row that have posted gains!

Plus, forecasts remain bullish that the sales growth will continue into the second half of 2016 as well.

The 2015 issues that posted gains were:

  • The Jan/Feb 2015 issue was up 11%
  • The May/Jun 2015 issue was up 8%
  • The Sep/Oct 2015 issues was up 24%
  • The Nov/Dec 2015 issue was up 7%

The 2016 issues are shaping up like this:

  • The Jan/Feb 2016 issue up 5%
  • The Mar/Apr issue up 40%
  • The May/Jun issue up 32%







Eastern Fly Fishing Sales Up Big

Posted by Scott On September - 8 - 2016

check_mark_125x125Eastern Fly Fishing magazine is on a roll.

The magazine is sold in both Canada and the USA.

In 2015 CoversSell.Com  took on the title and moved  it to Coast to Coast (from Kable).

Five of six issues in 2015  in the USA posted sales gains:


  • Mar/Apr 2015 up 7%
  • May/Jun 2015 up 56%
  • Jul/Aug 2015 up 37%
  • Sep/Oct 2015 up 64%
  • Nov/Dec 2015 up 25%

Sales in Canada were up 55% overall in 2015!

 And the good news continues in 2016, with sales gains in the USA: 

  • Jan/Feb 2016 up 1,204 copies or 113%
  • Mar/Apr 2016 up 1,307 copies or 82%

 Sales in Canada are up too:

  • Jan/Feb 2016 up 317%
  • Mar/Apr 2016 up 93%.

A tip of the cap to Art Director Jon Luke.  Also to the CTC Team.








SouthWest Fly Fishing on a Roll

Posted by Scott On September - 7 - 2016

check_mark_125x125Southwest Fly Fishing magazine is on a roll.

The magazine is for sale only in the USA, not Canada.


In 2015 CoversSell.Com  took on the title and moved  it to Coast to Coast (from Kable).

Four of six issues in 2015 posted impressive sales gains:

  1. May/Jun 2015 up 315 copies or 34%  (A Record Breaker for this time slot!)
  2. Jul/Aug 2015 up 559 copies or 53%  (A Record Breaker for this time slot!)
  3. Sep/Oct 2015 up 555 copies or 56%  (A Record Breaker for this time slot!)
  4. Nov/Dec 2015 up 606 copies or 70%.  (A Record Breaker for this time slot!)

And the good news continues into 2016:

  1. Jan/Feb 2016 up 1,097 copies sold or 103%  (A Record Breaker for this time slot .  Plus new All-Time Best Seller!)
  2. Mar/Apr 2016 up 1,154 copies sold or 108%.  (A Record Breaker for this time slot.  Plus new All-Time Best Seller!)

A tip of the cap to Art Director Jon Luke for amping up the covers!






Adbusters Greatest Hits

Posted by Scott On September - 2 - 2016

check_mark_125x125Adbusters magazine produces lots of fun, edgy, covers, that are designed to be eye-catching.  Their editorial mandate affords them the liberty of pushing things, which makes for great covers.

I love the way they play with their logo.

And they are not afraid to re-do a theme if it is working.

Here are some of their best-selling covers over the past few years.

Best Sellers from 2011



Best Sellers from 2012:

201201 201202


Best Sellers from 2013:



Best Sellers from 2014:


Best Sellers from 2015:






Swimsuit Issue 2016

Posted by Scott On September - 1 - 2016

check_mark_125x125The 2016 Swimsuit Issue from Sports Illustrated went on sale February 22nd, 2016. It seems that every year the bikinis get smaller and smaller, and yet so do the sales, at least in Canada.

The 2016 issue sold 29,699 copies at a 29.2% sell-thru, compared to 33,059 copies at a 28.7% sell-thru in 2015.  That’s a drop of 3,360 copies or 10% less.  The draw was cut by 13,720 copies or 12%.  Looks like cutting the draw resulted in cutting the sale.

The cover price is $8.99 in Canada. It was $7.99 back in 2013.

  • The 2014 issue sold 50,800 copies, on a draw of 132,861, for a 38.3% sell-thru.
  • The 2013 issue sold 48,012 copies, on a draw of 147,173 copies, for a 32.6% sell-thru.
  • The 2012 issue sold 57,734 copies, on a draw of 156,543 copies, for a 36.9% sell-thru.



2015 (Small)swimsuit2014



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